No grinch at this grille

Published December 19, 2002, in issue #46 of the Hook

I was extremely disappointed that The Hook chose to publish Lisa Provence's article, "Sour note, Bell ringer sent packing," ( in the December 5, 2002, issue. It suggests that the Downtown Grille called the police to complain about a Salvation Army volunteer who was fundraising near the front of our restaurant.

We are not open until 4:30pm, and our office is in the back; so needless to say, it was not from us.

Do deadlines take precedence over the pursuit of the truth at The Hook? It would certainly appear so, especially since the editorial staff chose to further the suggestion of our culpability by titling their lead article in the table of contents, "Grinch at the Grille?"

Contrary to the editorial staff's belief, a catchy headline followed by a question mark does not negate its implication.

I felt this letter of objection was necessary because we've fielded numerous questions about our supposed insensitivity toward such a fine charitable organization as the Salvation Army.

Since our opening, we have chosen to contribute, and continue to contribute, to numerous charities and local community organizations including Taste of the Nation, Hospice of the Piedmont, and Live Arts. In October, we raised over $2,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

Far from being a Grinch, we pride ourselves on being a generous participant when it comes to giving to worthy causes, whatever the season.

I hope that in the future The Hook will show a little more editorial restraint and integrity by thoroughly researching the facts before defaming an innocent party in their headlines.

Robert Sawrey
General Manager