Build it and we'll walk to it

I would like to express my support for the proposed city zoning changes and the Preston Ave development project.

As our regional population grows, I believe it's important that Charlottesville become more densely populated. While skyscrapers may never be appropriate here, three- to seven-story buildings along our main corridors would be appropriate, provided that the architecture is unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Mixed-use development, where residents can live, work, and entertain themselves is definitely the direction we want to go. We need a more walkable city, and the right development should actually increase the number of places we'd want to walk to.

This kind of development would make Charlottesville a more enjoyable place to live while providing economic growth and saving the surrounding countryside from more development.

Of course, leaving some open space, park areas, and well-situated medians and buffer areas with trees is vitally important. It's these small green areas around the city and along our roads that have made the city so beautiful all these years.

Darren Pace