Superfast: Griesar gets his due

The only man to leave the Dave Matthews Band has just received a jolt of national publicity in the November 27 issue of Rolling Stone.

The magazine that waited nearly a decade to feature the mega-band that Peter Griesar left in 1993– just before it hit the big time– has now discovered the reclusive keyboardist at his day job, as a lift operator at Heavenly, a Lake Tahoe ski resort.

While Griesar, 33, didn't make the cover of Rolling Stone, he did earn 643 words in the venerable rock mag– as well as a pronouncement on his new album, Superfastgo, slated for release in February.

"Superfastgo is clearly the work of a man with a twisted pop vision that would leave the average Dave-head a bit speechless," writes Rolling Stone's Gil Kaufman. "Produced by pal Brian Kehew (Hole, Beck), the album mixes the sinister groove of Scary Monsters-era David Bowie with the homebrewed drum machine/keyboard pop of early Beck."

Griesar returned The Hook's phone call from the top of Heavenly's "Comet Express" chairlift. The former Dave pal and collaborator on the 1996 hit "So Much to Say" didn't have much to say to the Hook, claiming he's still smarting over a characterization in the paper that his music is "Grateful Dead-inspired."

The new release comes from Offset Records, a small Tappahannock-based label owned by occasional Hook contributor J. Tayloe Emery. "Just remember," cautions Emery, "Peter's music is not Dead-inspired."

LeRoi Moore, DMB saxophonist, and Tim Reynolds, occasional DMB touring guitarist, perform on three of the album's twelve tracks.