The week in review

Worst cheating scandal: The last honor trials of the 158 students accused of cheating 18 months ago in Professor Louis Bloomfield's "How Things Work" physics class are complete. Twenty students are found guilty, and 28 others withdraw from the University without a trial.

Worst case of not getting it: Despite losing a Supreme Court case against Larry Flynt and Hustler over satiric depictions, the Reverend Jerry Falwell files suit against a website that claims he's a false prophet.

Worst bowl name: The Continental Tire Bowl. Although it may be UVA's best bet for a post-season game, it lacks the cachet of Peach, Tangerine, or even Gator.

Best addition to standard Thanksgiving fare from President Bush's holiday table: Green beans with red pepper and anchovies.

Worst news to be surprised with about your meningitis vaccine: 192 UVA students receive registered letters telling them their meningococcal vaccine had lost its potency.

Best way to keep royalty checks coming: Write a Christmas classic like Albemarle County resident John Grisham has done. Skipping Christmas has 1.3 million copies in print its second year out and is number two on the New York Times bestseller list. Grisham's publisher tells the Washington Post that the author's vision is to keep it in hardcover and release it every year.

Worst slam of Grisham's book: Publishers Weekly writes that David Baldacci's "preachy" Christmas book, The Christmas Train, is "more warm-hearted and enjoyable" than Skipping.

Best gig for a local musician: Corey Harris hosts the B.B. King tribute December 4 in Washington as part of the 25th anniversary of the Kennedy Center Honors.

Best way to see how much your neighbor's house is worth: Following Charlottesville's lead, Albemarle posts real estate assessment records online at

Best news for Louisa County: The planned Wal-Mart distribution center could offer up to 550 new jobs.

Worst news for those who don't patronize the humongous retailer: Wal-Mart's tentacles are spreading even farther into the heart of Central Virginia.

Best report for workers at the Michelin plant in Scottsville: New owner, Korean company Hysong, says it will keep all 240 employees, WINA reports.

Worst mall heist: Thieves smash windows at Sea Dream Leather and Footlocker in Fashion Square Mall early December 2 in what police call a "brazen" break-in, according to Reed Williams in the Daily Progress. The burglars make off with 29 coats from Sea Dream– and then drop all but two of them when fleeing from the police.

Worst manifestation of sibling rivalry: A 17-year-old girl is wounded with a steak knife in an argument with her brother December 2, the Progress reports.

Worst time to commit a violent crime: After January 1, 2003, when anyone arrested for such an act must submit a DNA sample to the state's databank to be matched as a possible cold hit. WINA has the story.

Best holiday headline in the Progress : "Virginia Tech stuffs Virginia."

Best photo that actually looks like UVA quarterback getting stuffed: Andrew Shurtleff's accompanying picture of UVA quarterback Matt Schaub during the game that led to the Cav's fourth miserable loss to its archrival.

Worst post-Charlottesville break-up: Newlyweds Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley, here in October for the premiere of Cage's Sonny at the Virginia Film Festival, call it quits after three months. Presley calls the marriage "a big mistake."