Ban the hunt

You recently did an article on foxhunting the one form of animal cruelty which craves not only exoneration, but respect and praise ["Hounded: What's so wrong with foxhunting," November 14] (

The history of the hunt, the rules of the hunt, the traditions, the thrill of the ride, few foxes ever actually killed... all of this does not change anything. Except that the strongest stigma is that of self-deceit and self-indulgence.

The world is changing, and foxhunt fans should know we see them as they cannot see themselves– relics of the past.

Our laws should no longer coddle them, nor the media extol the grand traditions of cruelty they morbidly idealize.

Ban the hunt. Ban it even from the heart. The future will be different from the present, and that's where it will start.

Sky Hiatt