Bravo for hunters!

I enjoyed Suzannah Evans' foxhunting article very much ["Hounded: What's so wrong with foxhunting?" November 14, 2002] (

It is actually one of the best articles on the subject I've read. Evans presented both sides of the story without emotion or an attempt to interject her personal opinion. That's what journalists used to do; sadly, it is so rare nowadays that when seen it must be especially acknowledged. Thank you for a sound article.

Thank God the foxhunters are invested in preserving rural lifestyles and open spaces in which to enjoy them. The rest of us, by insisting on new homes in new subdivisions, with new shopping malls, power plants, and roads, are directly responsible for killing thousands upon thousands of animals and birds each year as undeveloped land is destroyed to build these things. Yet we think nothing of that.

Thank you, hunters of all sorts, who do something about it.

Anne Flyzik Schaefer
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania