Crafty goings-on: Talents glow at Meriwether Lewis fair

I couldn't help noticing the irony of the name "Meriwether Lewis" as I drove Sunday, November 18, into the cold and rainy parking lot of a certain elementary school. The county elementary school was holding its annual Winter Craft Fair, showcasing not only outside vendors but also arts and crafts of its very own students.

But the striking things about the fair were the arts and crafts being created right in front of me by youngsters of all ages. For prices ranging from $1- $6, fair-goers could have their faces painted, create a balloon yo-yo, make a Play-Doh pen (don't ask), and indulge in all manner of other neat projects that were certainly being enjoyed by the participants.

This event is by definition a family affair, so if you missed out this year, mark it on your family calendar for next fall. Maybe the Meriwether Lewis organizers can arrange for snow instead of rain for the festivities.