Kevin Cox, Executor, to Michael J. and Barbara C. Oblinger, unit in McGuffey Hill condominiums, $197,000.

Carl H. Search to Maurice F. and Karen Baggiano, 2519 Hillwood Place, Greenbrier, $261,666.

Karl A. Borg to Daniel Gioeli and Debra K. McMahon, 1010 St. Charles Avenue, $132,900.


 Richard W. and Teri S. Kent to Sarah H. Bartholomew, 302 Robertson Avenue, $222,000.

W. G. Pickford, special commissioner, to Silk Purse Properties LLC, one-fifth interest in a parcel on Rosser Avenue, $5,772.

C&D Enterprises to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 612 Monticello Avenue, $92,500.

David Carter to Joseph T. Lawless, 231 Fourth Street SW, $145,000.


Ellen S. Turner and Warren P. Shifflett to Lottie S. Blincoe, parcel on Montrose Avenue, $75,800.

Dennis Woodriff and Mary Ann Parr to Mark S. Hahn, 811 Bolling Avenue, $158,000.

John and Theodora Gianakos to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 207 Stribling Avenue, $507,000.


David M. Klein and Mary Farsetta to Frank Bergland, parcel in Graves addition, $156,000.

Caroline S. and Brendan S. Graves to Martha Taylor, 1623 Center Avenue, $162,500.

Sean E., Kathryn S. and R. Gregory Aeder to Ian Pallini, unit in Wertland Condominiums, $56,500.

James A. and Anita I. Hylton to Anita I. Hylton, 659 Evergreen Avenue, pursuant to separation agreement.

Maryanne Hexberg to John N. LeMasurier, 1122 E. Jefferson Street, $148,000.


Thomas J. Dodson to Monica E. Dodson, 103 Eric Place, pursuant to separation agreement.

Troy G. and Lisa A. Miller to Tate Maguire, 510 Druid Avenue, $112,000.


Arc of the Piedmont Inc. to Edward P. Smith and Tracy A. Landon, parcel on Locust Avenue, $130,000.

James E. Mills Jr. to John D. and Jeanne A. Collier, parcel on Fifth Street SW, $78,000.


M. Gabrielle Hall to Hoopes Houses LLC, two parcels on Longwood Drive, $270,000.

House Land Trust to Hilton R. Lacy, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, $100,000.

Patrice G. Guyenet and Janine C. Jagger to Eve S. and Joyce H. Solomon, 1504 Bunker Hill Drive, Rutledge, $305,000.


Charles Rotgin and Richard D. Shepherd, Trustees, to Douglas P. Murphy and Elaine S. Heffelfinger, 924 Rugby Road, $125,000.

David O. and Andrea E. Bluthardt to Mechti, Fatima, and Rafique S. Mechti, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $76,000.

Michael J. Johnson and Arthur M. Feiner to Tara R. and Galin R. Boyd Jr., 726 Monticello Avenue, $275,900.


A transaction here has been removed from this line due to alleged safety concerns raised by one the parties involved.

Will Gain Inc. to John H. King, 600 Hinton Avenue, $38,750.


Christopher W. and Heidi R. Shaner to Arthur M. Feiner, 210 Little Graves Street, gift.



Sandra E. Awad to Peter A. and Monika C. Abramenko, 2508 Woodhurst Road, Canterbury Hills, $280,000.

Timothy E. and Donna M. Madel to Nathan M. and Shelly S. Smith, 116 Oak Forest Circle, $170,100.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Scott and Melissa Anne Peterson, parcel in Western Ridge, $54,000.

Open Lands Inc. to Grace Notes Ltd. UK, 68.58 acres at 275 James River Road, Scottsville, $171,450.

William F. and Mary Louise Wetmore to Elizabeth W. English, two acres, gift.

Michael J. and Carol A. Wisinski to Ronnie A. and Linda Townsend, 4835 Mechum's River Road, $229,500.

Jeffrey D. Blank and Christina Morell to Pamela R. Tiscornia, 5408 Cory Court, $228,900.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Michael J. and Carol A. Wisinski, parcel in Still Meadow, $316,950.

Kenneth L. and Margaret F. M. Davis to Dennis H. and Helen C. Paranzino, 173.12 acres at 7712 Lanhorne Road, Scottsville, $1,035,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Jeffrey D. Blank and Christina Morrell, 1936 River Inn Lane, Still Meadows, $349,950.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Steven D. and Debra L. Fox, 1154 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $219,950.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Richard L. Crisci and Nancy A. Butters, 129 Forestvue Drive, Blue Ridge Forest, Earlysville, $425,950.

Legend Development Co. to Jeremy A. and Christine C. Benedetti, 1509 Edmond Drive, Wayland's Grant, $298,500.

Can and Le T. Nguyen to Carl E. and Mary C. Brackett, 587 Pebblecreek Court, Brookmill, $147,500.

Eric Dale and Valerie Johnston to John D. Divine and Pamela K. Watts, 1513 Brandemill Place, Forest Lakes South, $289,000.

Jason William and Amy R. S. Handy to Robert A. Phillips and Louise B. Wise, 1524 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $201,500.


James A. and Rebel Matera to Marijana and Orhan Bukic, 1351 LeParc Terrace, RiverRun, $187,000.

Barbara S. Frentress to Victoria L. Doss, 1120 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $160,000.

Lelia H. Allison to Edward P. and Lelia A. Pitts, 7610 Scottsville Road, gift.

Kimberly P. Pomykacz and Kimberly Switzer to Michael P. Somers, 8 Waterwheel Drive, Mill Creek, $147,000.

Joseph T. Henley III and Charles T. Henley to County of Albemarle, 112.80 acres on State Routes 810 and 811, 5455 Jones Mill Road, $282,000.

Merle Underwood Lawson and Robert J. Lawson, Trustees, to County of Albemarle, 101.711 acres on State Routes 231 and 646, $300,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Edmund P. and Jean W. Clowney, 1218 Courtyard Drive, $229,075.

John D. and Sarah M. Buchanan to Michael A. Brennan, 1.60 acres in Glenaire, 1080 Allendale Drive, $249,000.

Jean L. Thomas to Michele A. Malmstrom, 2561 Brown's Gap Turnpike, $100,000.

Ashby R. and Lorraine R. Hackney to Woodhurst LLC, 101 Woodhurst Court, Canterbury Hills, $232,000.

Danny L. and Sue Ann Carr to Robert S. and Edna M. Hrvoj, 2035 Whispering Woods, $238,000.

John R. and Helen Walker to Carol M. Bloom, 606 Mockingbird Way, Branchlands, $250,000.

Leslie Ann Webb to Grant M. Mussman, 1673 Royal Oak Court, Mill Creek, $141,000.

Antonio Jorge Jr. to Victoria A. Carter, parcel in Forest Lakes South, $168,500.

Wade A. and Belle J. Davis to Keith O. Woodard, 590 Ardwood Road, Clover Hill, Earlysville, $285,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Marie J. Moriarity, 1066 Somerchase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $146,708.


Danielle Moran to Harold L. and Dora S. Cassety, 965 Laurel Glen, Redfields, $286,400.

Louise H. P. and Kenneth C. Miller III to James R. and Jennifer W. Maedgen, 984 Grayson Lane, $240,000.

Cathlynn B. Sparks to Franklin Kulandaisamy and Linnett S. Davidson, 883 Swan Ridge Road, Redfields, $265,000.

Julie A. Morris to Tamara L. Ginaven, 1319 LeParc Terrace, RiverRun, $142,500.

JaZan LLC to C. Randolph Thunfors, unit in Turtle Creek Condominiums, $90,000.

VanDerLindeHousing Inc. to William J. and Joyce A. Munt, 4974 Lakeview Lane, Western Ridge, $293,950.

Daniel J. and Kathleen N. Haan to Carl W. and Yadua C. Kuhn, 1825 Tinkers Cove Road, Hollymead, $187,500.

Kevin L. and Laura L. McCartney to Aaron J. Fein and Dahlia H. Lithwick, 3.242 acres at 3900 Monacan Trail Road, $206,000.

Blue Ridge Homecrafters Inc. to George M. Nimmo and Leslie A. Olsakovsky, two acres at 925 Tilman Road, $606,500.

Southland Homes Inc. to Kevin N. and John T. Yates Jr., $174,600.

Stephanie W. Corbell, Executor, to William and Martha McKechnie, 36 Old Farm Road, Belair, $660,750.

Richard and Antonia Berman to Derald P. and Darlinda M. Grice, 384 Miller School Road, $545,000.

Michael Johnson and Arthur Feiner to David R. and Linda A. Hartman, 3.01 acres at 5645 Stony Point Road, $103,000.

Lantz R. Martin and Kristi Gossom to Margaret M. Sutton, 605 Whitecover Circle, Stonehenge, $132,000.


Southern Property LLC to Eric W. Fitz, 1288 Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $249,500.

Castle Hill Properties II LLC to Murcielago LLC, 2,231.82 acres, $6,750,000.

Baird Snyder Inc. to Mark A. and Tara L. Mincer, 1324 Huntersfield Close, Glenmore, $865,000.

Medallion Enterprises LLC to Susan K. Hardie, 6109 aura Lane, Wayland's Grant, $253,900.

John P. and Lucy O. Hoyt to Christopher A. Georges, 2408 Holkham Drive, Lewis Hills, $30,000.

Open Lands Inc. to White Oak Land Company LLC, 43 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $133,300.

Open Lands Inc. to White Oak Land Company LLC, 55.02 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $167,500.

Harlan J. Brown to Geraldine F. Gilison, Trustee, 3401 Piperfife Court, Keswick, $345,500.

John F. Dunnivan Jr. to Herbert T. Brown, 7015 Shepherds Wood Lane, Batesville, $49,000.


Dennis R. and Patricia M. Spencer to Eric M. Patashnik and Deborah Gordon, 3065 Beaumont Farm Road, $535,000.

Jerry C. and Linda M. Jernigan to William J. and Susanne E. Cummings, 6.39 acres at 4268 Watts Passage Road, $240,000.

David C. and Heather A. Cassada to Thomas D. and Brenda J. Estepp, 1629 Honeysuckle Lane, Lake Reynovia, $150,000.

Quarries LLC to Bruce O. and Suzanne B. Brown, 21.116 acres at The Quarries EcoVillage, $58,000.

John F. and Mary E. Kuebler to John B. and Eydie L. Halstead, 2712 Huntington Road, Northfields, $241,500.

Karen L. Wilcox and Jeanine C. Wooduff to Brian Patrick and Rebecca L.E. Boland, 75 Georgetown Green, $158,000.

JaZan LLC to Michael W. Powell, unit in Turtle Creek Condominiums, $76,500.


Cordelia Polly Hicks, et al., to Charles William Hurt and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, 7.77 acres on State Route 769, $40,000.

A.F. Canody to Brenda C. and Bland M. Martin Jr., 2.718 acres at 2024 Craig's Store Road, Afton, $9,400.

Irene P. Coleman to Eliseo A. Benavidez and Martha Martinez, two acres at Routes 6 and 627, 2535 Irish Road, Esmont, $99,000.

Gary D. and Toni B. Hoerman to James K. and Amy J. Sannes, 2.30 acres at State Routes 20 and 610, 2737 Lonesome Mountain Road, $170,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Bruce T. and Susan M. Johnson, 2067 Brownstone Lane, Still Meadow, $341,950.

Kristopher S. and Renae E. Macurdy to Mark E. and Susan T. Keck, 2280 Lanford Hills Drive, $336,000.

Matthew and Ronald P. Angelelli to Stephen V. and Janet Early, 1084 Amber Ridge Road at Highlands at Mechum's River, $189,700.

Greyrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., parcel in Greyrock, $54,000.

Louis C. M. and Cami Jordan to Farrell W. and Angelo Vangelopoulos, 325 Starcrest Road, Mill Creek, $217,000.

Charles W. Hurt Jr. and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to R. Wayne and Sandra Mawyer, parcel in Tanager Woods, $115,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to David J. and Kathy M. Wortman, 1195 Redfields Road, $282,950.

JaZan LLC to Kim I. And S. Lorraine Coons, unit in Turtle Creek Condominiums, $71,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Twanda L. Lee, 3402 Moubry Lane, Forest Ridge, $158,900.

Southland Homes Inc. to Michael Scott King, 1070 Somerchase Court, Hollymead, $156,150.

James B. Nye to Patrick J. and Linda M. Gage, 5.083 acres at 9211 Critzer Shop Road, Afton, $230,000.

Kostich Construction Inc. to Joseph W. Richmond III, 127 Deerwood Drive, $224,000.

Wendy Poston to Patricia J. Hollen, 3349 Arbor Terrace, Forest Lakes, $203,900.

Johannes D. and Marcia G. Veldhuis to Joseph J. Connor, .464 acres at 103 Vincennes Road, Key West, $207,000.

Loraine Burke and William and Laura Saulle to Jixian Zhang and Yan Gao, 312 Whispering Oaks Drive, Mill Creek, $179,000.

Sandra J. Shultz to Patricia H. Severson, 1609 Sagewood Drive, Mill Creek, $167,500.

Peter J. and Halina T. Hapworth to Frank P. and Rosalie M. Simari, 973 Pintail Lane, Redfields, $190,000.

Paul A. and Kelly S. Kyriacopoulous to Jen Shih and Lian-Pim Lee, 2017 Echo Ridge Road, Forest Lakes, $280,000.

Sandra E. Collier to Faith Wyland, 101 Pepper Place, Willoughby, $100,000.

Jeanne K. Koreny to Sharon L. Nichols, 1208 Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $128,750.

John Mark and Melissa H. MacKnight to Paul A. and Kelly S. Kyriacopoulos, 2680 Fernleaf Road, Forest Lakes South, $309,900.

Timothy and Rhonda T. Beasley to Patrick A. Barnett, 113 Wendover Lane, Key West, $231,900.

Mark A. and Sallee L. Bowser to Michael J. and Mary Ann Schill, 3265 Waverly Drive, Waverly, $459,750.

Grayrock LLC to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., parcel in Grayrock, $57,000.

William M. Marshall, special commissioner, and Gaffney Homes to Reas Ford LLC, 53.953 acres on State Route 660, $850,000.

Crescent Development Group LLC to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., parcel in Still Meadow, $85,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., parcel in Forest Lakes, $78,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to John M. and Melissa MacKnight, 3424 Turnberry Circle, Forest Lakes, $370,000.

Deal of the Week:


Quarries LLC to Bruce O. and Suzanne B. Brown, 21.116 acres at The Quarries EcoVillage, $58,000.