Norma J. Parson to John Lloyd et al., parcel on Brown Street, $128,000.

Andre C. Brown-Arnold to Omar R. Arnold, parcel in Lincoln Heights, $20,000.

 Michael J. Johnson and Arthur Feiner to Marston W. Crumpler and Lisa J. Tomasetti, 515 Avon Street, $234,000.

Shawn R. Somerday to Amy Y. Garron, 131 Birdwood Court, $138,000.


 Cary R. Branch Jr. to Frank S. Jamieson, unit in Carlton Bridge Condominiums, $53,000.

Robert Lee McDaniel et al., to 10th and Main LLC, parcel on 10th Street NW, $160,000.

10th and Main LLC to Douglas Carter, parcel on 10th Street NW, $70,000.


Sandra H. Trainum to Jun Mi and Ron G. Fang Ji, 614 Ninth Street SW, $49,900.

William R. Morrow to FTMK LLC, parcel on Stewart Street, $250,000.

Scott Dance and Molly McCoy to Leora T. Brown, parcel on Caroline Avenue, $43,000.

Joseph Richmond Jr., Trustee, to Lane L. Bonner III, 335 15th Street NW, $385,000.


Andrew R. and Andrea M. Nelson to Jonathan S. Rodney and Janice A. McCoy, 1625 Center Avenue, $177,000.

David S. Burr to Carrsgrove Properties LLC, 12 acres near Fry's Spring, gift.

Patricia B. Eager to Scott H. Wiley and Christina I. Riebeling, 1500 Monticello Road, $161,600.

R.L. Beyer Construction Company to David and Kathleen A. Didden, 104 Kelsey Court, $286,100.

Robert E. and Elizabeth M. Evans to Robert Beamer, 703 Village Road, Johnson Village, $172,000.

Judith T. Buggs to Matthew O. and Jennifer S. Horton, unit in Cedars Court Condominiums, $63,000.

Cornelia B. Stokes to Wendell W. Gibson and Rebecca I. Crowe, two lots on Summit Street and Route 29 North, $199,900.

A. Clinton Boze to Mary Louise Byers, parcel in Greenbrier, gift.


Hartman Family Corporation to Herman L. White, 879 Ridge Street, $25,500.

Herman L. White to William M. Brown, 879 Ridge Street, $65,000.

Barnly O. and Dorothy C. Chapman to Clay and Nicole Properties Inc., parcel on Dale Avenue, $55,000.


Betty R. Herndon to John R. Herndon, 1437 Oxford Road, $150,000.


Caroline G. Crispin to Bruce and Bobra F. Locker, 611 Beechwood Drive, $123,800.

Cary R. Branch Jr. to James and Catherine C. Crosby, unit in Carlton Bridge Condominiums, $46,900.




Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Lee J. and Helena M Brady, et al., 1175 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $204,000.

Dorothy D. Herring, Trustee, to James L. and Alice R. Desmond, 106 Viewmont Court, $295,000.

Richard H. Walden Jr. to JPBOD LC, 70 acres on State Route 664, $251,500.

Janet A. Silvester to Bret E. and Michiko Aker, 2984 Cove Trace, Forest Lakes, $308,000.

Mary W. and P. Thornton Watkins to Weather Hill Homes LTD, 16.93 acres on Route 250 West, $975,000.

Jeffrey M. and Jennifer B. Burns to Kirstan L. Hendricks, 1040 Wintergreen Lane, Redfields, $208,000.

William H. and Carolyn M. Guilford to Carolyn M. Guilford, 128 Oak Forest Circle, pursuant to separation agreement.

Amelia W. Bennett to Crossroads Waldorf School Inc., 5.858 acres on State Route 631, $336,750.

Laurice E. Wood to Crossroads Waldorf School Inc., 7.28 acres on State Route 631, $516,200.

Charles B. and Mary E. Cox to Dew LLC, 885 Swan Ridge Road, Redfields, $227,000.

Rick A. and Jorita B. Meyer to Kent W. Peterson and Martin P. Albert, 10.809 acres at 2946 Doctor's Crossing, State Route 784, $265,000.

Kevin S. Coleman and Tracy Jenkins to Vickie G. Pugh, 4605 Heather Court, Briarwood, $118,900.

Patrick J. and Jean E. Hays to Shirley T. Dixon and Donald G. Fritz, 3235 Monroe Street, Peacock Hill, $325,000.

David F. and Alice T. Noble to Douglas A. and Susan M. Bayliss, 821 Gilliams Mountain Road, Peacock Hill, $325,000.

Clara T. and David F. Prince Jr. to George Allayannis and Sarah Corcoran, 520 Knoll Ridge Drive, $499,000.

Sycamore Tree Partnership to Donald G. and Deborah A. Beaver, 3488 Devon Pines, Glenmore, $524,000.

Jean W. O'Brien et al. to Kevin S. and Tracy J. Coleman, 2709 Westmoreland Road, $179,500.


R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to David F. and Alice T. Noble, 1727 Doringh Place, Still Meadow, $336,475.

Robert J. Gregg Jr. and Patricia Gregg-Smith, et al., to Juli L. Sherwood, 3298 Arbor Trace, Arbor Lake Townhomes, $172,000.

Janet L. Sketchley to Amy Podelco, 119 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $112,000.

Michael C. and Denise L. Sweeney to Christopher J. Broomall and Traci J. Hedrick, 1003 Huntwood Lane, $136,000.

Mark R. Shifflett to Malcolm C. and Sherrill M. Brodrick, 1020 Ridgely Court, Stonehenge, $136,500.

Rick A. and Jorita B. Meyer to Codie C. and Steven L. Peters, 1.49 acres at 2920 Doctors Crossing, $20,000.

Robert R. and Laura B. Johnson to Roger D. and Merla M. Young, 75.342 acres at 5525 Hackingwood Lane, Keswick, $450,000.

Traves D. Crabtree to Paul Drymalski, 1445 Monterey Drive, Four Seasons, $137,500.

Herbert W. Ackroyd to Mark P. and Cristina S. Adams, two acres on Stat Route 680, Brown's Gap Turnpike, $75,000.

Jordan E. Patkin to Evan B. and Susan L. Heald, parcel on Sheffield Road, West Leigh, $166,000.


Maria Cellaros-Yorba and Maria Cellarosi to Jennie Emi Miller, 278 Autumn Grove Court, Mill Creek, $142,000.

William H. Crown to Catherine M. Shaps, 706 Exton Court, RiverRun, $131,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Megan C. and Davies W. Bisset III, 2050 Shepherds Ridge Road, Dunlora, $360,000.

Charles A. Gibson to Lorena M. Hutchinson and Benny L. Lane, 9.124 acres on State Route 707, $35,000.

Pranas and Eileen Rimeikis to William L. Coburn, 1412 Glenside Drive, RiverRun, $163,105.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Scott J. and Gillian D. Preston, 7270 Corville Farm, Tiffany, Greenwood, $62,600.

Gregory C. and Roberta E. Dillon to June K. and Joseph M. Terry Jr., 2714 Huntington Road, Northfields, $220,000.

MGR Development Corporation to Robert F. Haggard and Mary M. Weems, 485 Fontana Drive, $270,000.

Dorothy C. Brickhouse to Gregory P. Thomas and Veronica A. Price-Thomas, 2908 Idlewood Road, Woodbrook, $219,500.

Anne Andrews Black Limited Partnership to Andrew J. and Mary B. Cooley, 44.33 acres at Keswick, $1,400,000.

Kristina A. Conley to Rebecca L. Hettig, 1112 Fray's Mountain Road, Earlysville, $252,000.

Kenneth D. Ball and Charles T. Fitch to Vicki Coleman, 992 RiverRun Drive, $269,000.

Deal of the Week:

Joseph T. Henley III and Charles T. Henley to County of Albemarle, 112.80 acres on State Routes 810 and 811, 5455 Jones Mill Road, $282,000.