What will you miss the most about the Statlers?

Gia Reno: "Their tours, the way they inspire me. They sing with all their heart, and they have inspired me to sing."

Dewey Whisnant: "I guess it would be their down-home, clean comedy. They can get a laugh out of people without having to resort to something not wholesome and clean. When you meet those guys in the mall or a store, they are like ordinary customers, down home folks."

Sherry Allen: "They appeal to all generations. My late father and late sister introduced them to me years ago. I, in turn, introduced my children to the Statlers' music. We all have gone to all their concerts, and my granddaughter has been going to see them play since she was four. We will all miss them. They have meant a lot to our family and lots of others across the States."