No water whining

As an employee at one of the many restaurants participating in Project H2O, I must say I was appalled after reading "4Better or worse" in last week's issue [October 10, 2002] (, in which we were accused of serving bottled water purely for profit.

You've got to be joking. In this dire time I feel that accusation is childish and completely uninformed.

Certainly we are accumulating profit from water sales, but what you apparently fail to realize is that we are spending that profit, small as it is, on the purchase of paper products in an attempt to conserve this precious resource.

You think we're doing it for the money?

Fine, come see me at the restaurant and I'll serve you tap water– but I refuse to listen to you whine when we do run out. In the future, perhaps your writers should think before they accuse.

Melissa Ketola