Where's the sniper logo?


[Re: October 17, 2002 cover story: "Death 101: Behind the scenes at sniper school"] (http://www.readthehook.com/92610/cover-story-killer-course-school-civili...):

 I'm really disappointed that the major television networks have been working this sniper story for about two weeks without generating a good intro graphic. You know, something like a crosshair dancing shakily across the smudged faces of a crowd, then the words "America: A Region Trembles" crawl across the screen, and the crosshairs dissolve into the lowercase "o" in "Region" while a synthesized bass-driven chorus does some kind of Gotterdammerung riff sampled from Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana," and then background dissolves into a wall of flame that fades as the camera cuts to the scowling Ashleigh Banfield-wannabee, who reminds us that the police have provided no new information on the killer since the last time we saw the intro, then starts conversing with an analyst who speculates anew about the sniper's grudge while standing in the thicket of satellite broadcast equipment that has taken root in the Montgomery County Government Center parking lot.

Something like that, or at least something derived from the old Ironside opening. You know– a couple of silhouettes, a sound effect, and a saxophone.

If we are merely left to the solid, sober facts of crime and hasn't lived up to its potential– or the rich traditions of cable reportage set by Geraldo– in this matter. How many Americans have to die before Roger Ailes says we're worthy of a snappy animated lead-in?

Oops. Just saw CNN. The network is now opening newscasts with, "SNIPER ON THE LOOSE: The Hunt for a Killer." Well, I guess it's a start.

Brian Broadus