Karen J. Fleetwood to Christopher M. Harris, 714 Levy Avenue, $214,000.

Douglas C. Carter and Margaret P. Smith to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 118 Goodman Street, $131,000.

Robert C. Price and Diane D. Beaudois-Price to Thomson Road Corporation, parcel on Thomson Road, $389,000.

Joshua A. Goldschmidt and James B. Spence III to Church Hill Development Company LLC, parcel on the east side of 11th Street NE, parcel on Valley Road Extended, parcel on the west side of 10-l/2 Street, parcel on North Avenue, parcel at Avon Street and Bolling Avenue, and parcel at 1105 Avon Street, no price given.


 Esther P. Porter and Sarah Powell Wright to Stephen P. and Elizabeth Anne Janoschka, condominium at 602 Cabell Avenue, $96,900.

Charles B. and Kennon G. White to Kirsten E. Franke, 911 Old Farm Road, $402,000.

Frank A. Cramblitt to Thomas E. Bailey and Caroline C. Bertrand, 121 A&B Westerly Avenue, $195,000.

John C. Hines to Dana R. Blythe, 212 Douglas Avenue, pursuant to separation agreement.


Development Management LLC to Anne K. and Lane L. Bonner III, 119 Washington Avenue and 1414 Gordon Avenue, no price given.


Eleanor Lee Barnes to Patricia Ann Greway, 1218 Smith Street, $118,000.

Regina M. and Edward F. Smith Jr. to Ravindra S. Kharl, 103 A&B Westerly Avenue, $252,000.

Anne K. and Lane L. Bonner III to Development Management LLC, parcels on Wilder Drive, Crestmont Street, Gordon Avenue, and Washington Avenue, no price given.


Marietta B. Hatcher to James S. Ferguson, 1018 Holmes Avenue, $163,000.


Christopher J. and Wendy L. Jones to Digs Inc., 1032 Linden Avenue, $144,000.

Henry W. Maclin Jr. and James E. Skeen, Trustees, to Lawrence E. Howard, condominium unit at 408 East Market Street, $92,000.

William D. and Frederika S. Hill to Martin Yates, condominium unit at the Corner Village, 1215 Wertland Street, $60,000.

John C. and Jennifer A. Morgan to Clyde A. and Jessica N. Simmons, 227 Monte Vista Avenue, $189,500.

Glenn T. and Lesley M. Forloines to Gregory A. Arone and Marja K. Kankaanrinta, 1416 Oxford Road, $243,500.

Rinehart Construction Ltd. to Emma P. Green, 605 Fendall Terrace, $660,000.

Jeffrey T. and Polly R. Stricker to Jonathan G. Rice, 300 13th Street NE, $140,000.

Jean W. Shipp to Thomas H. Connaughton, 1412 Cherry Avenue, $124,900.

Sherri E. Barrow to Stuart T. and Kent A. Smack, 1004 Rugby Road, $325,000.

Frances B. Wirthlin to Christopher N. and Jodie M. Vaughn, 1455 Rutledge Avenue, $155,500.

Phyllis C. and John J. Strittar III to Michael A. and Janet E. Webb, 919 Henry Avenue, $225,000.

Charles D. and Mary E. Kardos to Rosemary S. and William E. Shaw Jr., 111 Altamont Circle, $405,000.

Garth L. and Kelly J. Ottman to Hunter B. Shriner, 813 Altavista Avenue, $147,500.

Oliver Lohr et al., Trustees of Oak Shade United Methodist Church, and Allen F. Ellett, to Thomas P. and Kristen E. Martin, 2113 Tarleton Drive, $196,500.

Stonnell F. and Kathleen L. Bradley to Michael C. and Marlaine M. Hall, 613 Druid Avenue, $90,500.

Robert L. Pace Jr. and Faye Norford-Pace to John W. and Elaine E. Salmon, 1211 Little High Street, $180,000.


Peter E. and Kerry A. Biondo to Guian A. McKee and Joanna R. Vondrasek, 1108 Montrose Avenue, $162,000.


Neighborhood Investments LLC to Keith S. Halford, 182 Blackborn Lane, $122,9000.

William P. and Elizabeth M. Peyton to Gregory S. Okin, 805 Belmont Avenue, $216,000.

Barbara Jean Vest-Stinnie to Double J Development LLC, 599 Dice Street, $68,000.


William D. Tucker III and Yvonne T. Griffin to Victoria L. Scott, 118 A7B Longwood Drive, $148,000.

Gayle S. Lux, Trustee, to Ceclia E. McQuale, 235 MonteVista Avenue, $160,000.

Zachary and Emma Spielman to Gerald P. Shea and Gail H. Raymaker, condominium in Lewis & Clark Square, $235,000.

Robert L. and Sharon R. Green to City of Charlottesville, 138 sq. ft. at the corner of Ridge Street and Hartman's Mill Road, $225.


Neighborhood Investments LLC to Harry N. Lewis and Ralph E. Main Jr., parcel in Jordan Subdivision, $40,000, parcel on Little High Street, $150,000.

Michelle A. Hughes to Jonathan Strohl, 1134 Locust Avenue, $150,000.

Joseph Y. and Margaret H. Gray to Paul S. and Ashley P. Doherty, 908 Martin Street, $200,000.

Debra Gillin to Brian A. and Joan T. Day, 1917 Greenbrier Drive, $195,000.

George B. Bauserman and Linda L. Mitchell to William C. and Frank Dubec, 1205 St. George Avenue, $140,000.


M. R. Builders LLC to Leigh Sullivan, 703 Watson Avenue, $340,000.

Anthony W. and Robin P. Waterfield to Edward L. and Katherine S. Davies, 717 Watson Avenue, $192,000.

Van and Janet M. Johnson to Barbara and Philip E. Brown Jr., 598 Dice Street, $34,000.

Donald E. and Jean V. Taylor to David E. and Anne H. Bear, 656 Evergreen Avenue, $361,000.


Ruby Ahmed to John N. Hunter Jr. and Martha L. Saunders, 707 Cynthianna Avenue, $72,000.


Derek VanDerLinde to Neighborhood Investments LLC, 105 A&B Longwood Avenue, $115,000.

Jonathan S. and Laura H. Einbinder to William A. Knaus, 1929 Lewis Mountain Road, $505,000.

Michael K. Nichols and Reba A. Peck to Clement Tingley and Deborah Lawrence, 525 Grove Avenue, $575,000.


Eugene P. and Rachel K. Pollard to Z. Peter and Margaret Lazar, 702 Gillespie Avenue, $185,000.

Virginia D. Yarboro to Pangean Properties LLC, parcel on St. Charles Avenue, $60,000.

William B. and Lorene B. Downer to Mary John Smith, Trustee, four condominium units in the Venable, $248,000.

William B. and Lorene B. Downer to Mary John Smith, Trustee, one condominium unit in the Venable, $62,000.


Richard P. Garrett to Joseph H. Korber, 1623 Concord Drive, $180,000.

James H. and Edith M. Baber to Xing Jian Wang, 117 Stratford Court, $163,750.

Howard K. and Mildred D. Trail, Trustees, to Musicians United to Serve Youth of Charlottesville, 1108 Forest Street, $390,000.

Harry Lee and Sally F. Marshall to Deborah J Lothman, 106 Holly Court, $270,000.

Ursula A. Goadhouse to Christopher B. Krentz, 917 Elliott Avenue, $142,000.

W. Carter and Gail M. Hoerr to Sherif and Kirsten Nahas, 1508 Rutledge Avenue, $429,000.


Dorothy A. Sturgill to Gaynell S. Lowry, 803 Altavista Avenue, gift.

Howard and Janet E. Evergreen to Jeffrey S. Sprouse, 2322 Fontaine Avenue, $148,000.



Janet Ann Adams to Jody Lynn Kassell, 1400 Glenside Green, RiverRun, $157,500.

William E. and Delma W. Jones to Daniel William and Susan Grace Woodford, 1003 Highlands Drive, $156,000.

Michael B. Coughlin and Pamela Cho to Ronald S. and Sherry B. Cimo, 3784 Skyline Crest Drive, $210,000.

Mary Elizabeth Herring to Anthony and Sonya M. Houchens, 3.14 acres at 3503 Sacre Meadow Lane, $124,019.

Steven C. Veach to Clyde R. and Carol A. Browne, 335 Westfield Road, $156,457.

J. Daniel and Lynda S. Patterson to March Mountain LLC, .39 acres on Jarman's Gap Road, $88,500.

Ralph S. and Hilary L. Richardson to James L. and Anne M. Rucker, 2992 Piedmont Place, $133,500.

Malinda L. Ashburn to Thomas R. and Lisa W. Moore, 1615 Maiden Lane, Hollymead, $175,000.

Dana A. Jones to Gerald L. Schlesinger, Trustee, 15 Spring Court, Four Seasons condominiums, $67,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Eric H. Tachau, 834 Filly Run, Cory Farm, $224,950.

Chris C. and Rosemarie Colasunno to Christopher A. Beverage, condominium unit at 1238 Chatham Ridge, $65,900.

Charles Leroy and Julia F. Jones to Vincent L. and Stephanie J. Jones, 2583 North Garden Lane, North Garden, $125,000.

Kevin J. and Christine P. Martin to Kurt R. and Lisa C. Illig, 1235 Copperstone Drive, Mill Creek, $185,000.

Donna and John V. Ostrowski Sr. to John H. and Michelle M. Goodrich, 2350 Cinnamon Ridge Road, Harmony, $565,000.


Debra D.D. Coyner, Executor, to Deborah D.D. Coyner, Trustee, 48.28 acres in Cismont, $4,950,000.

Cismont Manor Farm Corporation to Debra D.D. Coyner, Trustee, 130.22 acres, $2,800,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to John F. and Montana K. Gaffney, 1029 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes South, $213,900.

J. Thomas and Sarah J. Parsons to Robert J. and Stephanie A. E. Haschart, 2818 Millington Road, $505,000.

David M. Kahler and Victoria F. Norwood to A. G. Williams Construction Company, lot in Peacock Hill, $41,000.

James and Cathy Crosby to Donna M. Blackmon and Veronika Urben, 6001 Cling Lane, Crozet, $129,000.

Jen Chun and Fay-May Hwang to Sandra Love, 7326 Merion Greene, RiverRun, $116,000.

Bybe LLC to Justin VanDerLinde, condominium unit in Turtle Creek, $82,500.

Bybe LLC to Craig VanDerLinde, condominium unit in Turtle Creek, $82,500.

Bybe LLC to CVDL Inc., condominium unit in Turtle Creek, $82,500.

Woodbriar Associates Limited to Jigar A. and Jesika J. Patel, 4731 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $185,175.

Gloria Grindheim D'Alessandro, Trustee, to Robert F. Stockhausen Jr., 2.17 acres at 915 Owensville Road, 410,850.

Ivey L. and Claudia G. Cockman to Alfred J. and Patricia A.L. Byrne, 3 North Dogwood Lane, $825,000.

Jacqueline M. Doherty to Jason and Robyn Walker, 5.077 acres at 3213 Doctor's Crossing, $240,000.

Carol W. Buckner to Thomas J. and Julie C. Lanahan, 395 Wildwood Court, $182,300.

Russell H. and Jean Yost to Al and Lil Lester, Trustees, 5032 Clearfields Court, Western Ridge, $245,500.

Tamara Harris Golding to Patricia M. Cobb, 300 Starcrest Road, Mill Creek, $227,900.


Robert W. and Jeanne M. Hicks to Michael C. and Julieanne B. Brown, 2.454 acres, $305,000.

Harvey H. and Penny J. Tapscott to Seth W. and Erin B. Clabough, 1.18 acres at 149 Irish Road, Scottsville, $110,000.

Angelo and Farrell W. Vangeolopoulos to Kelly Cordoro and Hiliary Copp, 225 Larkspur Way, Lake Reynovia, $162,500.

Redfields Development Corporation to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., lot in Redfields, $57,500.

Michael K. and Joseph W. Wright III, Trustees, to Hurt Runkle LLC, 6.65 acres, $650,000.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to Robert B. and Caryol W. Hunter, 22.360 acres in Ivy Vista, $185,000.

Redfields Development Corporation to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., lot in Redfields, $59,500.

Lynwood Page Phillips to Stephen P. and Mary F. Schmitz, 5.44 acres at 1979 Old Lynchburg Road, $175,000.

James W. and Rosamond G. Rogers to William and Hester Kelley, 2674 English Oaks Circle, Forest Lakes South, $239,000.

Joe H. Gieck to Susan and Erik R. Dorf, 21 acres at 2199 Crestview Lane, $170,000.

Earl H. Sipe to Marsha J. and Donald W. Lawhorn Jr., .69 acres at 4816 Doyle River Crossing, Crozet, $65,000.

Mary Ann and Kermit Boschert V to Joshua and Elaine May Attridge, 1750 Winterberry Court, $264,500.

Betty Jean and Clarence W. Clayton Jr. to J. Daniel and Lynda S. Patterson, 5620 Three Notch'd Road, Crozet, $95,000.

John H. and Karen Robinson to Kali D. and Chandra U. Brown, 2.44 acres on Route 502, Schuyler.

Althea M. Anderson to Scott E. Thomas and Kelley Kassay-Thomas, 1936 Arlington Boulevard, $21,000.

Edwin E. and Ruby D. Wade to Eurohomes USA Construction LLC, 37.48 acres on State Route 231, $255,000.

Howard M. and Diane J. Carr to Raymond A. Mirra Jr. and 6/6

Howard M. and Diane J. Carr to Raymond A. Mirra Jr. and Gigi Jordan, 60.75 acres on State Route 710, "4 Reasons," $1,800,000.

Lorraine J. Grehawick to David J. Oppelt, parcel in Lake Hills subdivision, $276,500.

Richard J. and Deanna H. Robertson to Audra M. and George Jackson III, 2373 North Chesterfield Court, $245,000.

Sam Enterprises LLC to James B. Spence, III, Trustee, parcel in Cory Farm, $50,000.

Claude F. Lowe to Lawrence W. Barnett, 2.387 acres on Dennis Road, $23,000.

Sean M. and Danielle M. Harris to Charles and Jia Lin, 171 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $158,000.

Holly W. and Edward P. Allen, Jr. to Kevin J. and Christine P. Martin, 2476 Thrush Road, Whipporwhill Hollow, $281,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Elaine N. Ellwood, 3558 Glasgow Lane, Glenmore, $672,960.

Marlene L. Clay and David W. Rogers Jr. to Abhinav and Sandhya Chabra, 3417 Cesford Grange, Glenmore, $381,875.

Deal(s) of the Week:


Robert L. and Sharon R. Green to City of Charlottesville, 138 sq. ft. at the corner of Ridge Street and Hartman's Mill Road, $225.