Stand and deliver: City schools add uniformed officers

The biggest change at local schools is that Charlottesville has added uniformed officers, already a presence at its middle and high school, to all of its elementary schools at the beginning and end of each school day. Why?

"Because it's so close to home," says City spokesman Maurice Jones, referring to the multiple shootings that have reached down from the D.C. area to Manassas, Fredericksburg and Falls Church. Responses from other schools and school systems:

Albemarle County: Uniformed officers will make additional patrols during high traffic times around the schools.

St. Anne's-Belfield: Nothing specifically done. Higher level of vigilance.

Covenant: No extra precautions.

Louisa County: Reduce entrances to each school to one; screen visitors as they enter, turn away those without business there, give passes to those who enter.

Buckingham County: No extra precautions.

Orange County: A jurisdiction adjacent to Spotsylvania County, site of two shootings, Orange is keeping all students inside all day. All doors locked from outside with the exception of main lobby doors. One adult to be stationed in lobby at all times. At least one law enforcement officer stationed at each school. Additional security during bus loading and unloading.

Fluvanna County: No extra precautions.

As for Madison and Greene counties, their superintendents are out until Wednesday, October 16 (just past the Hook's deadline).