The week in review

Worst side effect of sniper terror: Police at schools and highway overpasses, and tips on how to avoid getting shot while pumping gas, such as crouching behind the gas tank or walking in a zigzag as you go inside to pay.

Best job opportunities with the county: Firefighter. Twelve have been hired to come on board at the new Monticello Volunteer Fire/Rescue Station, which will start taking calls January 6.

Worst news for state employees: Governor Mark Warner announces on October 9 that 1,000 to 2,500 state workers will lose their jobs because of Virginia's huge budget deficit.

Best credit report: Despite its miserable deficit, Virginia still has a AAA bond rating which will come in handy when the state has to borrow money.

Best news for procrastinators: UVA scrapes together enough money to reinstate later library hours at Alderman and Clemons.

Worst news at the newly named Brown Schools of Virginia: Four new citations, bringing the total to 99 since the former Millmont Center opened in January 2001. State investigators found physical abuse, illegal drug use, and a boy who could open any door in the facility with a fork, spoon, or pen, reports Claudia Pinto in the Daily Progress.

Best showing by a former President: Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Best publicity for Virginia's not-so-elite state colleges: Professors from George Mason University and Virginia Commonwealth University win Nobel prizes.

Best split development decision: The Albemarle County Planning Commission votes unanimously to amend to the county's Comprehensive Plan to allow Albemarle Place, a mammoth mixed-use project at Hydraulic Road and U.S. 29 but restricts the size of buildings to 65,000 square feet.

Worst idea for a pedestrian crossing: The City will place bright orange construction flags on each side of the street at Cabell Hall for pedestrians to carry when crossing the street, presumably to wave and grab motorists' attention at the dangerous crossing. The temporary program will last 60 days or until the four orange flags are swiped, whichever occurs first.

Best way to figure out exactly  where Monticello is: A high-accuracy global positioning system (GPS) survey marker is installed on the West Lawn of Monticello October 14 to commemorate the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Best diet soda news: Diet Vanilla Coke hits town October 15.

Best new bumper sticker: Nelson County, Virginia: Where truth is stranger than fiction.

Worst news for golfers: Charlottesville opens the east end of McIntire Park to non-golfers on Sundays.

Best potty news: Charlottesville City Council extends the $100 rebate on low-flow toilets from two per water meter to three per single-family home, and apartment complexes can get a rebate, too.

Best directorial debut at the Virginia Film Festival: Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage will present his film Sonny on October 26, and then be interviewed by Roger Ebert.

Best tout for Charlottesville tourism: The October 9 Washington Post features "10 Things to do in... Charlottesville," and mentions the legendary Gusburger at the White Spot.