Jimmy J. and Kelly P. Johnson to Lair D. Haugh, Trustee. Parcel in Orangedale, $52,000.

Michael E. Bell to Catherine D. and Richard A. Baritaud, 1600 Jamestown Drive, $237,500.


 Gerald C. Knight et al., to David M. and J. Elizabedth Hall, 814 Elliott Avenue, $165,000.

Norman G. and Janet B. Dill to Norman G. Dill, 630 Preston Place, no price given.

Peter D. Devins to Kathleen A. Maier, 208 Douglas Avenue, $272,000.

Ferdinand and Judith Bazin to Peggy M. and Henry T. Dixon Jr., 2305 Crestmont Avenue, $150,000.

Donald D. and Mary Beth Bellah to Martin Yates, condominium unit in the Corner Village, 1215 Wertland Street, $60,000.

Jane H. Hix to Robin M. Kyburg, 612 Wilder Drive, $240,000.


Ralph E. Main Jr., Trustee, to Church Hill Development Company LLC, parcel on East Market Street, no price given.

Joshua A. and Jane B. Goldschmidt to Church Hill Development Company LLC, 4 parcels: 1006 Sheridan Avenue, 1023 Park Street, two parcels on Route 250 By-pass in Queen Charlotte subdivision, no price given.


Michael L. Shifflett to Dale Ludwig, 516 Cleveland Avenue, $60,800.

Philip D. and Karen J. Ryder to Dale Ludwig and SH Holdings LLC, two condominium units at 530 East Main Street, $1,100,000.

Mary P. Newton and Helen J. Plaisance to Amy L. Price, 609 North Avenue, $165,000.

Janet L. and Franklin Davis to Mary Newton, three parcels in Carlton Addition, $80,000.


Catherine M. Gilliam to Timothy Wu, 902 Rosser Lane, $429,000.

Borjana Mikic and Benjamin J. Schalet to Christopher B. Denning and Christine M. Lotano, 2527 Willard Drive, $171,000.

Brenda E. Thompson to James and Catherine Crosby, 316 Cleveland Avenue, $92,000.

Raymond N. McDaniel Jr. to John W. Dean and Jacqueline J. Webber, 309 Paton Street, $100,000.

Gregory Scott Duncan to James H. and Edith D. Baber, 1241 Holmes Avenue, $125,000.

Garrett L. and Leigh S. Paulin to Relocation Resources International Inc., 1618 St. Anne's Road, $322,500.

Relocation Resources International Inc. to Rodney L. and Marareet J. Biltonen, Trustees, $322,500.


Patricia F. Robinson-Bell to Beth A. Branner, 2613 Jefferson Park Avenue, $157,000.

Gladys N. Hall to Abeideh A. Djaberi, 710 Highland Avenue, $73,000.


Harry E. Price to James W., Norma Jean, and John C. Chappell, 805 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $65,500.

Keith O. Woodard to Camden Plaza LLC, 304 14th Street NW, no price given.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Dale Ludwig, 114 Lankford Avenue, $44,900.

Jack L. and R. Diana Terrell to R. Diana Terrell, 1304 Hampton Street, gift.

Frank Bergland to Nicholas K. Priest, 254 Shamrock Road, $165,000.

Jeff A. and Nicola J. Bialy to Stephan K. and Alicia A. Cost, 2242 Brandywine Avenue, $310,000.


Jean M. Scanlan, Trustee, to Jeff A. and Nicola J. Bialy, 2300 Angus Road, $207,500.

Feng Lisa Wu to John R. Ogawa and Nancy S. Weinfield, 2415 Hillwood Place, $263,000.

John Arkin to Brian J. Wimer and Ivana Kadija, 814 Hinton Avenue, $172,500.

TDC LLC to Teresa D. Caddell, 1404B Vine Street, $83,500, and 973 Rives Street, $80,800.


Bradley M. Clore to Benjamin W. Moore, 502 Elliott Avenue, $88,000.

William R. and Jean D. Sherman to Charlottesville Co-housing Association Inc., 5.093 acres at 1105 St. Charles Avenue, $310,500.

Ernest L. Terrell Jr., Executor, to E. L., Ralph B. and Clarence L. Terrell, 923 Anderson Street, $56,600.

Marise L. DeJarnette to Moore's Creek Land LLC, 2.19 acres on Avon Street, $40,000.

Curtis L. Morton Jr. to Julian B. Adams, 771 Prospect Avenue, $60,000.

Laura S. and Denva L. White IV to Dana Louise Redick, 1321 Kenwood Lane, $122,500.


R. Stedman and Elaine V. Oakey to Elaine V. Oakey, 1803 Blue Ridge Road, gift.

Harry T. and Jean M. Marshall to Thomas M. and Elizabeth G. Freshwater, 1844 Westview Road, $385,000.

Francis S. Powell to Allison C. F. Ruffner, 735 Graves Street, $122,500.

Van Chu to Van Chu and Khoi Phan, 104 Lide Place, Willoughby, gift.

Pamela C. Bland to Michele Jordan, Trustee, 229 Brookwood Drive, $58,000.



Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Lee J. and Helena M. Brady, 1167 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $224,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., parcel in Willow Bend, $58,552.

Maud I. Steinberg to Li Miao and Binru Wang, 2690 English Oaks Circle, $189,000.

Elaine Cole to Richard Mastrianni, 2.30 acres on State Route 631, $42,000.

Susan K. Cuppett to Janice S. Unger, 1566 Cool Springs Road, $111,000.

Lois E. Mansfield to John L. and Elizabeth D. Sanderford, 5800 Burnett Lane, Ruckersville, $225,000.

Douglas R. and Sally W. McKusick to Angela and John Wesley Vaughan III, 1730 Sourwood Place, Hollymead, $180,000.

Russell A. and Jennie L. Jones to Deanna D. Griffin, 3987 Buck Island Road, Saddlewood Farms, $225,000.

Richard M. and Shannon D. Marchell to Alexander A. and Karen B. Grunsfeld, 31 Waterwheel Drive, Mill Creek, $127,500.

Robert and Sarah Giballa to Wayne W. and Elva R. Ferguson, 2975 Cove Trace, $335,000.

John J. and Mary E. Brehm to Douglas R. and Sally W. McKusick, 1621 Pepperidge Lane, Forest Lakes South, $253,000.

Loren D. and Dawn L. Wilson to Douglas T. Queheillalt, 513 Eastbrook Drive, Woodbrook, $223,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Thomas E. and Jo Ann Healey, Lot C SomerChase, Hollymead, $165,000.

Sally L. Wright to Patricia J. Widhalm, 1002 Huntwood Lane, $135,500.

Stuart A. and Vonda J. Williams to Jonathan D. and Shannon C. Duvall, 2.0055 acres at 1155 Cardinal Drive, $232,000.

JaZan LLC to Acar Isin, unit in Turtle Creek Condominiums, $99,500.

Ruby C. Hoffman to Darryl F. and Laura M. Canipe, one acre at 4851 Seminole Trail, $14,000.

Patricia E. and Robert F. Marohn to Susan M. Parkel, 4.7364 acres at 8368 Brooksville Road, $285,000.

R.D. Wade to Amy P. and Thomas N. White Jr., 2115 Brown Stone Lane, Still Meadow, $389,950.

Barclay Development Corporation to Weather Hill Homes Ltd., parcel in Wayland's Grant, $168,000.

John C. Herr and Mary Jo Herriman to Lawrence D. Becker and Elizabeth A. Cottone, 2545 Cedar Ridge Lane, Westwood subdivision, $344,000.

Thomas A. McQueeney to John J. and Wendy F. Kuhn, 121 Indian Spring Road, Carrsbrook, $395,000.

Wilbur D. Shifflett to Claude E. Shifflett, 6.56 acres on State Route 664, 6747 Markwood Road, gift.

Robert P. Mykich to Jennifer Lynn Dean, 111 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $102,500.

Anne Lasley-Morris to C. Mark and Hortencia Bradley, 2329 Finch Court, Briarwood, $127,200.

William R. and Sharon L. McCleary to Robert P. and Anne L. Mykich, 2704 Huntington Road, Northfields, $226,000.

Howard W. and Barbara J. Gaidsick to John P. and Candace S. Hoenmans, 1411 Darley Row, Glenmore, $486,000.

David C. and Laurie J. Flyer to Johan A. Madson and Lynda Phillips-Madson, 725 Lochridge Lane, $465,000.

Stephen John Altman to Chad S. and Angela R. Dotson, 1195 Fox Ridge Drive, Earlysville Forest, $177,000.

JaZan LLC to Matthew A. Pons, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $71,500.

Stephen P. and Kelle L. Clark to Renee Deandrade, 1059 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands, $155,000.

John M. and Heather R. Bishara to M. Diane Nelson, 920 Canvas Back Drive, $241,000.

Kevin A. and Erin M. G. Klau to Rosemary E. Smith, 975 Devon Spring Court, Redfields, $162,000.


Creighton M. Hoover to George C. and Barbara D. Brannock, 2685 Meriwether Drive, $289,900.

Elias V. and Sonia E. Canales to Adolfo Garcia and Guadalupe R. deGarcia, 958 Towne Lane, Village Square, $136,900.

John Vanda to Walter E. and Dorothy C. Steidle, 2990 Hollymead Drive, $196,000.

Toni G. Dean to Edward G. MonteCalvo, condominium unit at Turtle Creek, $83,000.

Gregory A. and Susan R. Meador to John and Beth Vanda, 2999 Cove Trace, $334,900.

R. W. Mawyer Inc. to William and Miriam Tornrose, 1507 Sunflower Fields Drive, Ruckersville, $425,000.

Serena Sage to Lyn Ryan, 161 Larkspur Court, Lake Reynovia, $195,000.

Goodfriend LLC to Rockfish River Landing LLC, 3.96 acres on State Route 602, $4,000.

John P. Staskal and Pamela Bruce-Staskal, 1024 Wintergreen Lane, Redfields, $209,900.

Charles H. Simmons to Min and Fang Wan Chan, 1.49 acres at 3510 Glen Aire Drive, $267,500.

Timothy Beatley to Josephine P. Pipkin, 133 Oak Forest Circle, $175,600.

Margie L. Coleman to Slade R. and Amber Culp, 1668 Cool Springs Road, Townwood, $105,000.

Thomas H. and Linda F. Mullis to John T. and Jeannine Barton Regan, 17.256 acres on State Route 735, $90,000.

Keswick Corporation to Thomas L. Prestwich, 698 Club View Drive, Keswick Estates, $410,000.

Michael J. and Julia R. Morgan to Paul D. Deeble and Jennifer M. Visger, 103 Goldenrod Court, Lake Reynovia, $165,000.

JaZan LLC to Laszlo Melan, unit at Turtle Creek Condominiums, 125 Turtle Creek Road, $80,000.

Jonathan S. McKay and Dawn Pinkerton to Damon J. and Suzanne M. Hopkins, 858 Hatton Court, Scottsville, $157,500.

Sandra K. Williams to Daniel D. Elash, 1048 Bridlewood Trail, Keswick, $320,000.

Beth L. Lawton to Anastasia Harrison, 1232 Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $124,900.

Thuy and Phuong T. Nguyen to Matthew R. and Sarah B. Althoff, 1003 Wintergreen Lane, Redfields, $188,500.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Phuong T. and Mary Ann T. Nguyen, 950 Canvas Back Drive, $273,625.

Southland Homes Inc. to Mark A. Guthrie, 1060 SomerChase Court, Hollymead, $102,800.

Diane Seymour to Cary T. and Erin C. Hughes, 4305 Garth Road, Barracksdale, $239,500.

Jason D. and Susan B. Conway to Marc and Kristen Short, 1706 Bent Tree Court, Mill Creek, $179,000.

Edward V. and Gertrude B. Spilker to Michael J. and Julia Morgan, 3288 Arbor Trace, $172,000.

Deal of the Week, 5/30

Keswick Corporation to Thomas L. Prestwich, 698 Club View Drive, Keswick Estates, $410,000.