Potty poems

I read with nostalgia in your recent issue about the drought the oft-quoted West-coast water-wise jingle "If it's yellow, let it mellow," etc. ["It's the flushing, stupid," September 26, 2002] (http://www.readthehook.com/92534/news-its-flushing-stupid-potty-policies...) I was saddened to discover that my newfound southern friends wanted something more refined.

Here are a few new jingles that may help the cause.

For our British immigrants: "If it's pee, let it be; If it's poo, down the loo."

Let's not forget Midwestern folks: "#1 stays in the bowl; #2 goes down the hole."

And for the kids: "Tinkle a bit, let it sit; Pooh-pooh a lot, keep it not."

Finally, a more "cultured" verse: "I sat on the throne, a little water I did make; If only it were different, I might get a break."

Maybe the City or Service Authority could have a contest and give a few extra gallons to the winner.

Marc Chapelle
Albemarle County