The week in review

Best reversal of a trend in drought-stricken Charlottesville: On September 30, the water supply increases rather than decreases, thanks to last week's rains.

Worst result of recent rains: Residents may be lulled into thinking the drought is over just because it's rained a little.

Worst case of deja-vu: Seven Charlottesville High students skip school and beat up a 16-year-old on September 16. Charges include felony abduction, misdemeanor assault, malicious wounding by mob, destruction of property and obstruction of justice, according to Reed Williams' account in the Daily Progress. All seven students, who belong to the "Belmont Crew," are white, as is the victim.

Worst details of the beating of the 16-year-old victim besides suffering a broken nose, bruises, and cuts to the head: One of the alleged thugs urinates on the victim and along with another accomplice, forces the victim to lick blood off their boots.

Worst close call for martini and wine drinkers: City restaurant owners who gather to establish a code on water usage suggest disposable cups except for martinis and wine, which of course should be imbibed only from the proper glassware.

Worst place to have to go to the bathroom: The Mudhouse closes its restrooms to customers.

Best place for Mudhouse customers to go: To the C&O, which has installed portable toilets in its parking lot.

Best political tempest in a teapot: An invitation to a Meredith Richards' fundraiser is mailed through UVA's internal mail, reports the Cavalier Daily. Richards has offered to reimburse the university for postage costs for the 600 invites.

Best attempt at joining the 21st century: The Observer launches a website that leads with a story on the Fall Foliage Festival.

Worst privatization of the Miller Center for Public Affairs: The Center invites former president Jimmy Carter to a series of events as a thank you to big-ticket donors and doesn't allow students at the public university to attend.

Best quote overheard at Rapture by a patron asking for water: "I'm a UVA student. The drought doesn't affect us."

Worst distribution of wealth: Yancey Elementary has the highest number of poor students 58.7 percent in the county, in sharp contrast to the well-heeled students at Meriwether Lewis, where only 2.9 percent of the students are at poverty level, according to Gary Grant's Constituents' Report.

Best anonymous gift: The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, a retreat for artists in Sweet Briar, receives a whopping $1 million donation.

Worst violation of water restrictions by a huge national chain: Wal-Mart is fined $500 for watering its plants.

Best showing by a UVA team in the Solar Decathalon in Washington: The UVA team wins first place for the "design and livability" of its solar house.

Best sentencing in a Ponzi scheme: Terry L. Dowdell is ordered to pay back the $70 million he bilked from clients, according to the Progress.

Best career mover for a Daily Progress  reporter: Reporter Adrienne Schwisow moves on to bigger and better things with the Associated Press in Richmond.