Pagans and knights and Tarot cards: Oh my!

Here a pagan, there a pagan, everywhere a pagan!

On Saturday, September 21, pagans were ubiquitous at Walnut Creek Park, celebrating pagan pride. The festival, dedicated to ending discrimination against paganism, collected non-perishable canned-goods, along with a $5 love offering. Attendees wore all manner of interesting costumes, while vendors pushed their wares, from swords to handmade soaps made in sacred circles.

The highlight of the festival (for me, anyway) was the Warrior Guild's demonstration and knighting ceremony. With swords raised, and wearing costumes reminiscent of Medieval times, they marched, had a mock fight, and inducted a new knight, all in the name of paganism.

No, I take that back-­ the highlight was when I had my palm read, and then had a Tarot card reading, all for $2, and was told that prosperity is just around the corner.

I think the cards were right in the positively charged atmosphere of the park that day, it was easy to feel prosperous. It wasn't your typical festival, but then again, who needs typical day after day?