Spare us!

Well, you've really done it now– gone and printed some musings of Patricia Kluge and passed it off as just good reading ["Hot Seat," September 19, 2002] (

"Something happened as I curtsied the Queen of England. I was at the Royal Windsor horse show, and the Queen drove by in her Range Rover. Protocol is that you curtsey as she goes by, and I did, but I was curtseying uphill and my knee got stuck in the mud. People laughed."

And you printed this trivial banter? Her most embarrassing moment was when her knee got stuck in the mud? Judas Priest, Mon! Spare us from the savagery!

Let me tell you about the time I spilled a tray of salads and house dressing on my boss's wife's head. Or the time I borrowed my grandmother's car and ran it off a cliff. Anything but the old I stuck my knee in mud bit. Some people will do anything to tell you they "met" the Queen... sheesh.

J. Tayloe Emery
Warsaw, Virginia