Shirley H., Keith T., and Tammy L. Herring to Kelly W. McDonald and Lynn I. Maziarz, 1208 Agnese Street, $138,400.

Soggy Bottom of Virginia Inc. to Mary Newton and Lawrence Barnett III, 724 Orangedale Avenue, gift.


Gladys W. Herndon to Gregory T. and Sharah E. Goode, 1136 Locust Avenue, $90,000.

Rodney L. Robinson Jr. to Max L. Carroll, 1100 Preston Avenue, $193,000.

Ronnie N. and Robin L. Johnson to Michael Burkoff, 707 Page Street, $68,900.

Scott D. and Alesia A. Ross to Patrick J. Dennis, 920 Marshall Street, $332,333.


University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation to Joan B. and Richard H. Rice Jr., 308 Kent Road, $390,000.

Theresa V. C. Payne et al. to Joseph F. and Dorie A. Mallory, 412 Fifth Street SW, $50,000.

John G. and Meredith J. Arendale to Kurt R. and Lori N. Koschnitzke, 122 Brandywine Court, $169,000.


Charles A. and Clara J. Perry to Carl O. Trindle and Barbara A. Body, unit in McGuffey Hill Condominiums, 311 Second Street NW, $400,000.

Emily W. Kelly to Paul D. and Melanie S. Miller, 528 Locust Avenue, $418,000.

Melissa A. Harrison to Judy L. Savage, 912 Locust Lane, $151,151.

Timothy L. and Lisa S. Collier to Nazir A. and Elizabeth B. Barekzi, 1624 Meridian Street, $159,000.

Paul S. Cassell to Roy E. and Mary M. Swan, condominium unit at 602 Cabell Avenue, $96,900.

Virginia A. Massie to Greg and Carol Freeborg, condominium unit at McGuffey Hill, $235,000.

Heather A. and Michael Maddox to Sally Barbour, 1415 Forest Ridge Road, $135,900.

Trilateral Corporation to Eugenia A. Cornell, 108 Chisholm Place, $159,500.

David S. and Elizabeth A. Wildman to Nancy C. Heffernan, 310 Kent Road, $385,000.

Richard E. and Kimberly S. Bednar to Michael G. and K. Adrienne Easton, 802 Park Street, $180,000.


Robert G. and Sherry M. Archer to Colleen Blakley and Cherise M. Valencia, two lots at 1103 Elliott Avenue, $110,000.

Ravindra S. Khare to Laura E. Carey, 120 Olinda Drive, $162,000.

Martin F. and Cynthia R. O'Donoghue to Stephen G. Carr and Amy Lynn Coursen, 2604 Willard Drive, $185,000.

Lauren A. Hally to Mark S. Haskins and Alisa M. Smith, 1140 Meriwether Street, $52,000.

Rita V. Jackson to Bryan K. and Anne C. McKenzie, 1808 Yorktown Drive, $231,500.

Thomas C. Stott III to Eric W. Woolley and Amy Ratcliffe, 248 Old Lynchburg Road, $148,000.

Glenn T. Fearon to Edward M. Kantor, 1117 Park Street, $236,000.

William W. and Phyllis N. Pile to Edmund R. Zavada and Marcia delRosario Mina Roja, 1421 Briarcliff Avenue, $140,000.

Betty W. Anderson to UVA Real Estate Foundation, parcel at Emmet Street and University Avenue, $297,600.

Timothy J. and Juliann K. Pendolino to James T. and Catherine C. Popp, 2236 Brandywine Drive, $237,000.



Nancy A. Lam to Raymond E. Lam, 7940 Blenheim Road, Scottsville, gift.

David and Barbara G. Mullaney to Janet P. Mullaney, 1243 Maple View Drive, $91,014.

Early L. and Adria O. Bishop to David S. and Dorothy C. Spicer, .58 acre on State Route 22 near Cismont, $16,700.

Charles B. Taylor to Wallace M. Forloines, 1.7 acres on Hickman Road, $525,000.

Wallace M. Forloines to Pantops Professional Partnership, 1.72 acres on Hickman Road, $525,000.

Alan G. and Daphne P. Dillard Jr. to Glenmore Associates Ltd., 20.29 acres on the southwest side of Route 250, $465,000.

Robert M. Scoggins and Maren K. Winters to Elizabeth W. and Gwen L. Hoyle, parcel in Village Square subdivision, $137,500.

Karen Klas to Daniel H. Grogan and Mary B. Brownell, 1612 Inglewood Drive, Hessian Hills, $237,500.

Gregory A. and Kelly L. Wozneak to Page E. Vanishchak, 1019 Highlands Drive, $160,000.


Gregory L. and Karen P. Wells to Jacques Homes Inc., parcel in Bentivar, $98,500.

Elizabeth F. and Charles J. Pugh Jr. to G. David Baer, two acres on State Route 736, $95,000.

Jeffrey S. and Roseanne E. Yowell to Tracy S. and Lori Ann Gibson, 3425 Buck Island Road, $189,500.

Anne M. and Harry W. Porter Jr. to Harriet F. Resio, 1367 Wimbledon Way, RiverRun, $194,900.

E. Gerald and Eleanor Tremblay and Robert H. Patterson Jr. to Mary H. and Leonard F. Winslow Jr., Trustees, and Veliky LC, 90 acres off State Route 630, $335,000.

Glenn M. and Celia J. Lankford to Duncan L. Hill and Allison M. Goerss, 2419 Old Lynchburg Road, $183,000.

Cheree J. Denby to Dolores L. Adcock, parcel in Mill Creek, gift.

Happy Valley LLC to Patricia G. Berry, Trustee, 1.378 acre parcel in Walnut Hills, $125,000.

Charlene P. Lynch to Melvin LLC, 1459 Ashland Drive, $187,500.

Hoshang B. and Sheroo A. Fracis to Harriet A. Pankey, 115 Woodlake Drive, $92,900.

D. Jane and Lindsay G. Dorrier Jr. to Stanley O. and Judith P. Ikenberry, 5.236 acres at 278 James River Road, Scottsville, $293,453.58.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to Charlene P. Lynch, 3393 Moubry Lane, $180,000.

Robert W. and Joyce A. Woodward to Kim Cox Wright, 43.64 acres on State Route 671, $375,000.

Robert J. and Mary T. Lindsey to Barry K. and Kellie B. Vaught, 1030 Amber Ridge Road, $175,000.

Thomas E. and Eve Varner to John W. and V. Carolyn Whitehead, 7373 Cripple Creek Road, Afton, $210,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Neil R. and Anjali Silva, 1824 Creekview Lane, $305,950.


Amie K. and Gary M. Sullivan Jr. to Theresa J. Smith, 1460 Willow Lake Drive, $162,200.

Gail Onufer, Trustee, to Daphne P. and Alan G. Dillard Jr., 75.221 acres on State Route 53 and 618, $465,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Robert J. and Mary T. Lindsey, 1053 Somer Chase Court, Hollymead, $181,600.

Southland Homes Inc. to Bhalchandra R. and Nilambaki Patel, 1057 Somer Chase Court, Hollymead, $182,500.


Paul G. Moorehead and Alexandra P. Kincannon to Dew LLC, 782 Merion Greene, River Run, $122,500.

George V. Gelnovatch and Melissa A. Sanders to Timothy and Kelley Ann Gable, 2628 Coral Berry Place, Forest Lakes South, $346,250.

Jefferson Area Builders Inc. to Richard L. McLernan and Karen A. McCarthy, 6655 Highlander Way, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $263,273.

Grayrock LLL to Craig Enterprises Inc, parcel in Greyrock, $67,000.

Marjorie Catherine Smith to Jane R. W. Neuser, condominium unit at 1301 Branchlands Drive, $76,500.

Agnes A. Morris to Chalres K. and Maxine E. Parrish, 2249 Crestview Lane, $105,000.

CW Holdings LLC to Craig L. and Laura H. Coombe, unit in Turtle Creek Condominiums, $75,500.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to George and Melissa Gelnovatch, 1340 Elderberry Court, Walnut Hills, $484,950.

Happy Valley LLC to Weston Development Company LC, parcel in Walnut Hills, $99,750.


Stephen M. and Victoria L. Callison to Herbert F. and Anne E. Tucker, 42 Canterbury Road, $415,000.

James W. and Eunice V. Davis to Troy W. Zeller, 5909 Jeremiah Court, Crozet, $75,000.

Bobby G. and Gayle E. Beamer to Oliver R. and Ashley W. Vietor, 2715 Gray Fox Spur, $230,000.


Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Veronica A. and Lauren Gregg, 2129 Shepherds Ridge Road, Dunlora, $318,950.

Lorenzo Preston Barrett to Daniel A. Etlin, 2.004 acres near State Route 644, Keswick, $15,500.

Sara B. and Edgar F. Norment Jr. to Themistoclis and Denise Karaoli, 1.7 acre parcel on Williston Drive in West Leigh subdivision, $125,000.

Troy B. Harding to Scott T. Frazer, 990 Salisbury Square, Stonehenge, $123,900.

Catherine E. Echols to Theodore R. Childress, .282 acres on Route 20 Scottsville, $154,500.

Young Dung-Thanh Nguyen and Nguyet Minh to David A. and Ann M. Crochet, 1815 Creekview Lane, Forest Lakes, $335,000.

Alison D. Crews to Margaret W. Purinton, Trustee, unit in University Village, $330,000.


David B. and Deborah J. Scott to Howard P. and Gwen T. Goodkin, 2155 Devonshire Drive, West Leigh, $337,500.

Southland Homes Inc. to Andre D. and Kristi L. Stoken, 1055 Somer Chase Court, Hollymead, $171,000.

William G. Barkley to Larry G. and Sandra K. Zeman, 2.75 acres on State Route 683, $40,000.

Ellen K. and Ersel L. Bolling Jr. to Joseph M. Fitzgerald, four acres at 4960 Dick Woods Road, $170,000.

Shirley L. Fisher and Charles William Hurt, Trustees, to TriCounty Development Corporation, parcel in Ashleigh subdivision, $54,500.

Mercedes Nusbaumer to Michael J. Edens, 4365 Beaver Creek Road, Earlysville Forest, $225,000.

Frankie M. and Cynthia A. Moncrief, Trustees, to Gregory G. Faust and Paulyn G. Heinmiller, 340 Grassmere Road, $1,005,000.

Manufacturers and Traders Trust to Donald Nitta, 2.645 acres at 4968 Rabbit Hollow Lane, Keene, $73,000.

Redfields Development Corporation to Craig Enterprises Inc. two parcels in Redfields, $74,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Andrew E. Darby, 1031 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes South, $189,950.

Linda M. Leiser to Teresa M. Johnson, 2216 Hummingbird Lane, Briarwood, $159,000.

Laurie Ann and Meredith E. Miller, Trustees, to Veranda Properties LLC, 3029 Copper Knoll Road, Forest Lakes, $235,000.

Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership to John S. and Carey R. Kalagher, 2507 Wiltshire Close, Glenmore, $162,500.

Teresa J. Smith to Sarah Kirchner, 716 Meriod Greene, RiverRun, $116,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to David G. and Inson Y. Williams, 1007 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes South, $220,000.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Peter W. and Anne L. Eisenhardt, 1287 Still Meadow Avenue, $459,950.

James Charlton II to Albert Choi, 2613 English Oaks Drive, $225,950.

Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership to Robert Hauser Homes, parcel in Glenmore, $154,000.


Paula Cash to William H. Craddock and Judith C. Wright, condominium unit at 1257 Branchlands Drive, $181,000.

Edward J. Silverman and Cynthia Gray-Littlejohn to David D. and Margaret A. Dawson, Trustees, 40 acres at 4504 Turkey Sag Road, Keswick, $670,000.

John R. and Joan A. Schultz to Stephen M. and Victoria L. Callison, 3365 Camden Court, Glenmore, $380,000.

C. Kevin Fletcher to Paul B. Perkinson, 275 Glendower Road, Scottsville, $230,000.

Doris A. Deavor-Matkins to Jason Shifflett, 4722 Bluejay Way, $137,500.



Donald H. and Gretchen Showman to Karen Ann Klas, 535 Arrowhead Drive, Earlysville, $550,000.