Joseph Y. Jeanes II to Rebecca S. Johnston and Elisabeth A. Angus, condominium unit at 1243 Cedars Court, $62,500.


Gregory P. Thomas and Veronica Price-Thomas to Alan W. Worsley and Jessica M. Frazier, 2736 McElroy Drive, $162,000.

Lynda Fisher and Scott Sunior to Gregory M. Weiss, 1612 Meridian Street, $119,000.

Thomas G. and Kristen M. Vandenberg to Ryan P. Ross and John T. Looney, 1216 St. George Avenue, $189,900.


Lars Larsen to Carolyn E. Easterlin, 428 Moseley Drive, $169,800.

Nelson R. and Allison M. Morris to Steven C. and Kathy A. Braden, 800 Elm Street, $111,000.

Arthur M. Feiner to Heide R. and Christopher W. Shaner, 216 Little Graves Street, $69,000.

V.R., Carroll P., and Mary G. Shackelford, and Kem S. Courtenay to Elizabeth G. and David F. Cooke II, 2004 and 2006 Lewis Mountain Road, $180,000.

Page P. Marshall, Roberta P. Smith, and Rebecca Weiss to A. Ward and Sallie V. Sims, four lots on Mason Lane, $175,000.

Sumner Brown to Colleen M. Kovac, 883 Locust Avenue, $317,500.

Maureen M. and Joseph M. Karch Jr. to Robert K. Duggan, 106 Leigh Place, Willoughby, $154,000.

Evelyln E. Evans to Charles D., Belt, and Judith Anne Quick and O.Q. and Madeline Quick, 1223 Cherry Avenue, $149,500.


Adilia A. Thompson to Tammy T. Cooper, 601 Elliott Avenue, $86,850.

Warren T. and Chloe L. Leback to Craig N. and Ann M. Hess, parcel on Westview Road, $125,000.

Katherine W. Swenson to Herbert L. Beskin and Sumner Brown, 1107 East Jefferson Street, $375,000.

Jennifer M. Springer to Michelle Yaros, 107 Danbury Court, $117,000.



 Michael A. and Karen L. Gaffney to Weiqiang and Xiaohui Chang, 1979 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $334,500.

Paul M. and Karen M. Zavada to Paul M. Zavada, 24.746 acres at 5345 Alberene Road, North Garden, pursuant to separation agreement.

David J. and Amy H. Rose to John C. and Doreen C. Giordano, 576 Whitcover Circle, $127,500.

William F. Locke-Paddon, Trustee, to Loraine R. Blackburn, 200 Rivanwood Drive, $362,000.

Randolph and Charlotte W. Maupin, Trustees, to Mara M. and James R. Kennedy Jr., 17.963 acres at 2285 Stillhouse Creek Road, Afton, $275,000.

Thomas D. and Margaret S. Devila to John K. and Terri M. Voight, 665 Windrif Drive, Earlysville, $254,000.

Preston O. Stallings to Fluvanna Land and Development, three parcels totaling 6.80 acres, $950,000.

Thomas A. Jones and Cassandra H. Jones-Garrison to Charles H. Simmons, 2.004 acres at 3625 Stockton Road, $164,000.

James B. Spence to J. Samuel and Beth S. Pope, 783 Filly Run, $237,900.

Michael and Dena Armstrong to Jil Yao, 1681 Royal Oak Court, Mill Creek, $133,500.

Anne G. Atkinson-Fields to Jin Zhong Li and Wei Yao Lui, 594 Shady Lane, $209,900.

John E. and Teresa S. Brimm, Trustees, to Nancy J. Lemmon, 3064 Darby Drive, Keswick, $350,000.

Kelly K. Donovan to Jennie L. Flora, 3212 Gateway Circle, $169,900.

Southland Homes Inc. to Donald F. and Catherine M. Buhle, 2245 Oak Ridge Court, Bentivar, $583,865.

Bernard C. and Martha L. Terrill to Thomas L. Calloway and Wesley S. Carter, 751 Country Green Road, $42,500.

Sanddra C. Palumbo to Peter A. and Elizabeth H. Maillet, two lots at 306 Ednam Drive, $850,000.

Sharn L. and Ella L. Perry to Stephen A. Saunders, 1305 Wimbledon Way, $182,500.

Greenbrier Square Limited Partnership to Berkmar Crossing LC, 3.0602 acres west of Rt. 29 North, $3,025,000.

George Washington and Rosa Lee Green to Caroline Reaves, five acres at 3758 Monacan Trail Road, gift.

Matthew D. Holland to Paul C. Frederick, 1703 Royal Oak Court, Mill Creek, $129,900.

Melissa M. Russell to Fred M. Trainor, 19.15 acres on Walnut Ridge Lane, $255,000.

Fred M. Trainor to Gregory L. and Karen P. Wells, 1965 Bentivar Drive, $255,000.

Judith M. and John M. Herndon to Christine M. Reilly, 1.829 acres at 1859 Polo Grounds Road, $135,000.

Handbilt Homes Inc. to Jason Twedt, 33 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $105,000.

RiverRun Investments to F. W. Powell, 1292 Clifden Greene, $101,500.

Nancy A. Jensen to Jeffrey R. Roberts and Diana L. Villalobos, 920 Quail Ridge Road, Earlysville, $220,000.

RiverRun Investments to Jerry A. Hartley, 1278 Clifden Greene, $96,500.

Frederick A. and Cathryn L. Hewett to Jamie E. Scott, 1576 Cool Spring Road, $110,000.


John L. and Kimberley C. Kennedy to Scott E. and Jennifer L. Craver, 4758 Clover Ridge Court, $176,500.

R.D. Wade Builder to Craig J. and Laura H. McCotter, 133 Grayrock Drive, $234,950.

Jeffrey S. Sprouse to Marshall S. Chase, 5466 Three Notch'd Road, Crozet, $129,000.

Crescent Development to Barry Meade Homes, parcel in Still Meadow, $85,000.

Burton Farm Land Trust to Barry Meade Homes, two lots in Deerwood, $96,000.

Laurie D. Sprouse to David G. and Tracy D. Aglio, 2368 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $121,500.

Traditional Homes of Albemarle to Michael D. and Treena T. Berg, 5.488 acres at 3960 Watts Passage Road, $240,850.

John G. Desmond, Trustee, to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., parcel in Dunlora, $60,000.


Hunter E. Craig Co. to Swift Run Inc., 307 West Rio Road, $177,000.

Woodbriar Associates to Jaime Goodsell, 4733 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $184,540.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to the TSRM Group LLC, 2939 Magnolia Bend, Forest Lakes, $215,000.

John H. Robinson and Karen Tafoya-Robinson to Charles H. Anderson III, 25.14 acres on Howardsville Turnpike, Schuyler, $75,000.

Lucille P. Williams to Tiffany A. and Anthony M. Matos and Eden W. Miller, three acres on State Route 620, gift.

Susan G. McKenna to Richard L. and Deborah F. Pollock, 1251 Thistle Down, Keswick, $550,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Lee J. and Helena M. Brady, 1161 Rustic Willow Lane, $224,000.

Edward A. and Martha B. Kingston to Courtney E. Arn, 978 Devon Springs Court, Redfields, $180,000.

Tracy S. and Lori A. Gibson to James M. Schaffner, 527 Whitcover Circle, Stonehenge, $134,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Marilyn Styrna, 5545 Stonegate Lane, Western Ridge, $218,557.

Ruby L. Falwell to James R. and Lutie L. Morris, 3847 Bungletown Road, Schuyler, $65,000.

Peter C. and Elizabeth L. Salit to Prudential Relocation Inc., 4855 Mechums River Road, $225,250.

Prudential Relocaton Inc. to Charles M. and Patricia L. Katz, 4855 Mechums River Road, $230,000.

T. Greer and Associates Inc. to W. Nathaniel and Erica L. Perkins, 12.173 acres on Brown's Gap Turnpike, $180,000.

Shenandoah National Bank to Diane L. B. Taylor, 4170 Garth Road, $276,088.56.

Deal of the week:


Lynda Y. Fisher to Mary Jane Briggs, 19 Farmington Drive, $900,000.