At least frogs benefit

 I was disappointed to read of the animosity between Marlene Condon and county fair officials over the issue of captured wild animals being used for events at the fair. Both Ms. Condon and the people who organize the fair are huge assets to our community, and it's a shame to see them beat each other up over this.

In my naiveté I figured this was an example of the system working as it should. Someone with specialized knowledge uses that viewpoint to inform the rest of us about the negative implications of something that is obvious once it is pointed out. People agree and make their opinions known to the officials who can influence the situation (some do this unskillfully, but that's dealing with the public). The officials listen, don't get defensive, and do the right thing. Shows you what I know.

I hope that with some time and distance everyone involved can see this as a step in a right direction as opposed to a "loss." If not, I take comfort in the fact that either way, it works for the frogs.

Pete Syme