The week in review

Best lawsuit to make one wonder, "What would Jesus do?" More than 1 1/2 years after she quit teaching at Red Hill Elementary, Michelle Frilot sues Albemarle County for religious discrimination because she perceived a "hostile work environment" after she displayed a 5X7 picture of Jesus in her classroom, reports Adrienne Schwisow in the Daily Progress. The Rutherford Institute will represent Frilot.

Worst shooting on West Main: Margues Lamont Carter is killed early Saturday near Mel's Café on West Main Street, the city's third murder this year. Two others are wounded in the shooting, and police are seeking suspect Robert Leroy Martinez.

Worst case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time: On September 7, a Norfolk Southern freight train hits Michael George Wallace south of where U.S. 29 intersects I-64. The train crew blew the whistle and attempted to slow down when Wallace was spotted on the track, reports Eric Swensen in the Progress.

Worst photograph of a train accident scene: Progress photographer Andrew Shurtleff captures the aftermath of the train accident in grim detail.

Best photograph of a rolled car: Shurtleff is on a roll with his "driver walks away from a flipped vehicle" September 5 photo.

Worst break for Lewis Mountain neighborhood residents: UVA gets the go-ahead to construct its "1200 car monster," a parking garage at Ivy Road and Emmet Street.

Best account of a bust in Glenmore: Progress reporter Peter Savodnik joins Albemarle County Service Authority director Bill Brent in staking out an illicit automatic sprinkler in Glenmore, the tony subdivision that squandered six million gallons of water on irrigation in August.

Worst new mosquito threat: Just when you thought the West Nile virus was bad enough, two cases of malaria, which is also spread by mosquitoes, are reported in Loudoun County.

Best potential travel destinations for pot smokers: A Canadian Senate committee recommends legalization of marijuana and would allow its sale by licensed dealers in corner markets to anyone over 16. The Washington Post reports that a November Nevada ballot measure would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to three ounces of marijuana.

Best contretemps between a weekly and a radio station: It's C-Ville Weekly v. WNRN.

Best 20th anniversary in personal injury law: The law firm of Chandler Franklin and O'Bryan celebrates a fifth of a century suing the pants off the negligent.

Best remodeling of a television station news set: WVIR-TV Channel 29 goes for a wood-paneled look.

Best obituary in the Washington Post : Although Mila Williams Brooks, 75, was a Peace Corps director in the Dominican Republic, her September 8 obituary notes "the fact that she had survived three husbands constituted a matter of great pride."

Best place to have sex at UVA: The Declaration's Rebecca Cullers does a humorous local version of the infamous "Opie and Anthony Show" that listed 54 high-risk spots to have sex in New York. And the winner of the 10 best places at UVA is... the Clemons private video rooms, where free video equipment lets students watch porn or watch themselves in action.