Thomas L. Beasley, Nelson R. Morris, and Calvin K. Powell to Bevley F. and Carolyn B. Butler, three parcels on Naylor Street, $440,000.

Bessie H. Rogoll to Ronald V. Fielding, 718 McIntire Road, gift.


 Ronald D. Trainum to Patricia B. Trainum, 901 Avon Street, by deed of assumption.

Robert E. Robinson III to William B. Smith, unit in Charlottesville Towers Condominium, $83,500.


 Jesse W. and Kathleen R. Haden to Mitchell A. and Jessica F. Kane, 114 Todd Avenue, $209,500.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Christopher E. Paine and K.E. MacGraw, 1535 Dairy Road, .066 acre, $5000.


Spencer Graham to Dennis Woodriff and Mary Ann Parr, apartment at 500 Court Square, $125,110.

Hassan and Gillian E. Gomaa to G. E. Gomma, parcel on Hartford Court in Ridgecrest subdivision, gift.

Howard O. West to Jonathan M. and Shiloh E. Whitehead, 615 Blenheim Avenue, $142,000.

Mortimer B. Barron, Trustee, to Marjorie Amidon, 1840 Edgewood Lane, $300,000.

Ann M. Clare to Alex M. Ward and Meredith E. Calvert, 416 Mobile Lane, $136,000.

Julia J. Sclater to Sandi Jo Sclater, 811 Altavista Avenue, $80,000.


Robert J. Holtmann to Craig L. and Joanna B. Johnson, 114 Waterbury Court, Ridgecrest subdivision, $100,000.

Michael Terraciano to Constance Warnock, 209 Riverview Avenue, $145,000.

Christian D. and Priscilla G. Searcy to Clarence W. and Nancy H. Bowen, 313 Kent Road, $405,000.

Richard E. and Christina D. Neubert to Andrew D. Lowe and Jenny R. Isaacs, 1306 Sixth Street SE, $109,000.



Highlands West LP to Craig Enterprises Inc. four lots in Stonegate at Western Ridge, $148,568.

James F. Hean and Cindy Stegmeier to George M. Turner and Lori L. Derr, 2855 Buckeyeland Lane, $134,000.

L. Jay Batten to Stephen M. Barbour, 2226 Stargale Drive, $141,000.

Stephen W. and Kristine C. Canter to Alan Schulman and Millie Becker, 1517 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $167,000.

Julio M. and Sarah B. Cordero to Charlotte C. Ross and Cheryl A. Scherzinger, Trustees, 1210 Gazebo Court, Branchlands, $186,000.

Annette P. Garrison to Arnold D. and Karen D. Brown, 2356 Whitney Court, $107,900.


Peter A. Weems and Susan W. Rindge to Stephen W. and Kristine C. Canter, 1830 Steeplechase Run, Forest Lakes, $229,900.

Michael D. Horn and Janice L. Morris-Horn to Keith O. Woodard, .8411 acres on Route 29 North at Forest Lakes, $1,015,000.

Gail Onufer, Trustee, to Jason Penn, 10.16 acres on State Route 618, $400,000.

Hunter E. Craig Company to Westwood Associates, four lots in Foxcroft, $236,000.

Robert Hauser Homes to Michael and Wendy Hagen, 2217 Ambrose Way, Dunlora, $294,950.

Roderick and Christine McLellan to John P. and Susan W. Rindge, 1427 Birchcrest Lane, Forest Lakes, $293,000.

Ross E. and Amanda C. Wade to Mary K. Erickson, 1255 Copperstone Drive, $193,500.

Haley Chisholm and Morris to Harold and Kim Butler, parcel in Rosemont, $143,000.

Redfields to R. D. Wade Builders Inc., two lots in Redfields, $115,000.

Crescent Development to R. D. Wade Builders Inc., lot in Still Meadow, $105,000.


Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Douglas and Marlene Camp, 1013 Rolling Meadow Lane, Western Ridge, $259,900.

Elmo W. Londeree to Joseph S. and Virginia F. Londeree, 2032 Martin Kings Road, $101,000.

John A. and Anastasia Lynch to Stanislav R. and Noel Reisky-Dedubnic, 9.4 acres at 9488 Dick Woods Road, Afton, $390,000.

Michael and Janet Norvelle to James and Kathey Garrett, 3207 Chesterfield Court, $211,000.

Arthur C. Newcomb to Seth and Melissa Cassaday, 2366 Proffit Road, State Route 649, $63,000.

Greyrock LLC to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., parcel in Greyrock, $57,000.

Venna Wiest, et al, to Mary P. Clements, 2121 Dudley Mountain Road, North Garden, $124,000.

Edwin Strother to Thomas A. Szuba Jr. and Elizabeth B. Eberhart, 1703 Solomon Road, Barterbrook subdivision, $249,900.

Janet L. Hurst Heinzmann to Elizabeth W. Good, 1165 Cedarbrook Court, $250,555.

Jacqueline B. Page to Vincent D. and Ethel Palmer, 4715 Wren Court, Briarwood, $151,500.

Jim P. and Sione R. Wade to Ellen Bass, 1795 Franklin Drive, $299,900.

Barbara B. Head to William F. Goula and Elizabeth M. Burke, 722 Broomley Road, Flordon, $380,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes, parcel in Forest Lakes, $68,000.

Barbara J. Lloyd, Trustee, to Benjamin C. Foster, 2504 Huntington Road, Northfields, $220,000.

Charles C. and Betty A. Paschall to Sharon C. Pierce, 1257 Maplewood Drive, Willow Lake, $142,500.

Richard L. and Wendy B. Kirschner to Antonio Jorge, 2487 Aspenwood Road, Forest Lakes, $224,000.

T. Greer and Associates Inc. to Stephen V. and Juna J. Early, 23.1238 acres on State Route 680, $300,000.

Deal of the Week


Graduate Housing LC to Bobcat LLC, parcel at Jefferson Park Avenue and Washington Street, $1,770,000.