Scottsville needs the hogs

[Re: "Detoured: Bikers to skip Scottsville after narrow vote," August 22] (

All the uproar about 300 motorcycles coming to Scottsville is a great thing. These are family men and women who have children, which is the reason for the motorcycles.

The people who are against the ride either hate children, have no children, and want to do nothing to fight the brain tumors and other diseases that children come across. A small town like Scottsville should welcome everyone whether they are in cars, bicycles or pick-up trucks, and, yes, motorcycles. Anything to help these unfortunate children and their families survive the illness.

Scottsville has been my home all my life. I would not want people like Dena Radley speaking for me. Excuse me, but this is for children who need our money and support.

Children are our tomorrow. We have to help them fight their battles. There is no way that 300 bikers can hurt this town when floods haven't.

People who have children should stand up to these people because you don't know when you can hear a devastating word or illness with your child or other family member. Maybe just some of the money raised would help take care of that someone special.

I am a mother, grandmother, and am fighting breast cancer now! Don't let the children lose because a few people forget it's not 1970 that we are in a new decade. I am not the only store owner that feels this.

Ann Morris
Owner, Ann's Enchanted Forest