Make the connections


 Just a thought... I like your forays into the "disclosure" zone by listing property sales and purchases ["$old" August 8, 2002]. (This is the land where "real estate" began, after all.)

I'd love to see it go a step further, to make the information have some meaning. In the same column, why not do some research on the salaries and pay scale offered in our world class city (number of jobs offered, what they pay, etc.), and plot it against local housing costs?

Further process the data– could a worker (i.e., one who must work to live) get approved for a loan? With what type of payback timeframe? How many could not? What's wrong (or right) with the equation?

I think we'd learn more about where we live than a year's worth of publications put together.

Think about it.

Dan Koncelik