Pit Stop

Dish teased a couple of weeks ago with the news that Jinx Kern, owner of the Pit Stop on Market Street, was seeking a second location, but we couldn't give specifics. This week, we've learned the search is still on, and better yet, it could be nearing completion.

"I'm negotiating with Gabe and Allie," says Kern, speaking of Gabe Silverman and Allan Cadgene, owners and developers of the Main Street Market.

"It's my fantasy, and it's a nightmare at the same time," Kern calls the laborious process of working up plans. If all goes well, however, Kern says he could be living every small business owner's dream: "I think I can finally make some money," he sighs, "which is nice to do."

Silverman seems set on making that dream happen for Kern.

"We would build him a place on the two parcels to the left of the Market building," says Silverman. The new building, which will be designed by Formworks, the architecture firm responsible for the vibrant red interior of the Blue Light Grill, will also house chic garden shop Hedge, currently located on Market Street but already in the process of moving to West Main.

In addition, Silverman says he'll add women's clothing businesses as well as hosting art shows and kid-friendly events at the Market things that "will bring people down."

The second Pit Stop space will be much larger than the original Market Streetbut then, what isn't? The new space will feature outdoor dining as well as an outdoor place to smoke the meat.

And speaking of meat, Silverman says he hopes Main Street Market's crowning glory will be an authentic meat cutter and butcher shop. In fact, he says, "We're holding the big space open" for such a business. In case you're wondering, a meat cutter is specially trained often at a culinary institute– to cut a whole side of meat, while a butcher simply packages the meat. Silverman says he hopes to recruit such a skilled tradesman, even if he has to go overseas to do it.


Super soup

 Yeah, yeah, we know. It's been, like, 150 degrees for the past two months, so who wants steaming soup? Well, Dish has some news for you: it doesn't have to be steaming, and, in fact, it doesn't even have to be soup!

It had been a while since we stopped into Revolutionary Soup, which changed hands back in July. So when we dropped in a few weeks back, we were thrilled to see that not only have they maintained the selection of hot soups, they've also added cold soups to cool you down on these oppressive days.

Better yet are the wraps, no doubt inspired by new Revolutionary co-owner Alison Campbell's days as Zazu's manager. Chicken tarragon, turkey club, and curried chicken are the basic choices, and you can order them by the half we added some soup to fill us up or whole, for a heavier meal.