Address: 2313 Sheffield Road, West Leigh

Seen in The Hook: 7/4

Asking: $459,950

Contract price: $459,950

Days on market: 30

Agency: Diane Jacques, owner/agent, Real Estate III * 979-0174



Thomas L. and Stephen B. Calloway to Mary V. Thomas, 739 Orangedale Avenue, $62,000.

Margaret Ann Jackson to William J. Clark and Jonathan Dinh, 737 Prospect Avenue, $66,000.

Charles H. and Anita L. White to William J. Clark and Jonathan Dinh, 739 Prospect Avenue, $71,500.

Leonard and Frances Lenoci to Rebecca Goodwin, 777 Prospect Avenue, $71,200.

Ann S. Crute to Charles G. and Joanna W. Tolson, parcel on N. Baker Street, $131,250.

Woodrow W. Wyant to Isdra Lake, 1118 Meriwether Drive, $115,000.

Sidney W. and Becky P. Atkinson to Daniel W. and Graham Kent, 307 Robertson Avenue, $160,000.

Stephen C. and Kerry Ann Hendrix to Kandi K. Kerns, 1003 Fern Court, $232,500.

Beverly Jean Carwile to Christopher M. and Jeanne C. Carter, 1116 East Jefferson Street, $175,000.

Iris M. Coiner, Brenda Doner, and Sandra C. Wooten to Matthew M. Bloxsom and Devon G. Knott, 707 Shamrock Road, $160,000.

Patricia S. Dabney to Robert C. and Diane D. Price, 2117 Morris Road, $425,000.

Florence H. Linskey and Joan T. Doherty, Trustees, to Whitehall Investors V LLC, unit in the Venable Condominium, 312 13th Street NW, $49,000.

Charles P. and Melody M. Swartz to Whitehall Investors V LLC, unit in the Venable Condominium, 312 13th Street NW, $49,900.

Jeffrey G. Dreyfus to Michael H. Herzog and Todd Toms, 2622 Jefferson Park Avenue, $270,000.

David R. and Hana K. Eskra to Stephen C. and Kerry A. Hendrix, 1008 Ashby Place, $255,000.

David H. and Tamara B. Williams to Robert E. McConchie, 109 Apple Tree Road, $245,000.



Kenneth P. and Ruby L. White to Joel M. and Ruth L. Harp, 5964 St. George Avenue, Crozet, $180,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to James River Real Estate, 5 acres on Route 618, $60,000.

George Simpson, Trustee, to Vicki G. and Gary P. Bibb, two condominium units in Solomon Court, $73,800.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Roger Mahloch, 1990 River Inn Lane, Forest Ridge, $306,000.


Sylvia Waller Boyd to Weather Hill Homes, 8.0991 acres at 4300 Three Notch'd Road, $130,000.

Michael Lugar to Catherine Tyler, 7038 Porters Road, Esmont, $52,370.

A.M. Nichols, Trustee, to Southland Homes Inc., parcel in Fontana, $70,000.

James R. and Patricia Cooke to Sharon E. Miller and Alvin R. Powell, 210 Monacan Drive East, Carrsbrook, $308,000.

Marjorie Louise Gardner to Aleeta A. Gardner, interest in two parcels, $16,000.


Clara Rybarczyk to Ronald Wyncott, 41.47 acres on State Route 618, gift.

David J. Hartman to Chris P. and Linda Sue Pullig, 1956 Heather Glen Road, Forest Lakes, $205,000.

William A. Cooke to Canterbury Building Company, 10.57 acres on State Route 22, $40,000.

Brenda G. Wright and R. Baxter Griffith to John S. and Becky Ellwood, 2290 Westover Drive, $219,500.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Ali A. and Zainab J. Haider, 338 Pleasant Ridge Road, $344,000.


David G. and Tracy D. Aglio to Stuart V. and Melissa N. Fielding, 1820 Steeplechase Run, Forest Lakes, $232,000.

Howard B. and Mary J. Craddock to Sandra S. and Burnet V. Brooks, 1771 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $275,000.

Todd H. and Kristen E. Barnett to Kristen E. Smith, 12.466 acres at 4496 Stony Point Road, gift.

David K. Kannan to Melissa L. Kayser and James H. Baird, 947 Southampton Drive, Stonehenge, $111,100.

Bruce W. and Bonnie M. Kirtley to John L. and Juana E. Tang, 250 Yancey Mill Lane, $215,000.

Anne M. Briggs to Peter H. Briggs, 876 Chapel Hill Road, no price given.

Duane D. Morris to Anthony C. Morris, .779 acre at 5934 Railroad Avenue, $105,000.

Wayland R. Barnette to Rex C. Barnette, 2 acres at 12365 Kendall Road, gift.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., parcel in Forest Lakes, $81,013.

William M. and Brandi N. McCall to Thomas L. and Suzanne C. Pace, 979 Devon Spring Court, Redfields, $149,000.

Kalisankar and Krishna Malik to Linda E. Loughman, 12 Waterwheel Drive, Mill Creek, $137,500.

Eugene J. Carmody to Mark E. and Jacquelyn Ragland, 2073 Tavernor Lane, $86,500.

Deal of the Week:


Blue Ridge Homecrafters Inc. to Philip O. and Dana M. Wangensteen, 3781 Morgantown Road, $675,000. #