Oops? Country club flasher returns

A notice posted outside the women's dressing room at the Boar's Head Sports Club warns that a man who strolled naked into the ladies locker room there about a year ago recently was spotted and pursued at Farmington.

The security alert, dated July 3, follows up a bizarre incident from last year in which a naked man walked into the ladies' locker room at the Boar's Head Sports Club and then apologized profusely for coming into the wrong room. The same M.O. supposedly was used at Farmington Country Club.

Boar's Head Sports Club management calls the story "ancient history."

"I don't want this in the paper," said a club manager, who further threatened that if The Hook used her name, she wouldn't return our calls.

She refused to provide details on the exhibitionist or on the pursuit through Farmington, saying only that Boar's Head Sports Club members were alerted about the incident in its newsletter, and the Albemarle County Police had been notified.

County police were unable to turn up any reports on the alleged flasher, including the latest pursuit through Farmington.

Phil Keister, general manager at Farmington, says he'd heard about the Boar's Head incident and that the same story circulated at Farmington two years ago.

"I never spoke to anyone who said they saw it happen," Keister says, adding, "It almost sounds like the commingling of several stories to me."

The Boar's Head alert was removed following The Hook's call. It was written on tasteful club stationery and describes the perpetrator as about 35 years old, 5' 11", with light hair, and says he drives an older gray Honda. The notice reminds members that there are emergency phones in the locker room for use should the mysterious nudist appear again.

So where is this unmasked, unclothed man?

One Boar's Head member believes the in-the-buff appearance in the wrong dressing room really may have been an accident.

Others speculate that perhaps this is the start of a Charlottesville urban– or (sub)urban– legend. Or perhaps the gentleman merely has moved on to greener pastures: the locker rooms of Glenmore and Keswick.

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