A few Observations

Many thanks to The Hook for telling the real story behind what's going on over at The Observer ["Observer staffers cry foul," July 25] (http://www.readthehook.com/92323/news-valley-volley-observer-staffers-cr...).

My wife and I were the victims of what seemed to me to be nothing less than a hate campaign undertaken by Observer publisher and self-proclaimed El Jefé Jeff Peyton to discredit our names after we took the brave step of walking out on his crusade.

I shouldn't have been surprised– given his background at the Christian Coalition, where Ralph Reed perfected the art of hate campaigns and self-styled crusades.

Reed is probably right proud of El Jefé– who wrote an article on the front page of his Shenandoah Valley Observer accusing the Graham apostates of "abandoning" the people in the town that we grew up in; and then commenting in a Hook article a week later that our departure was a "pimple" that popped, among other things.

The only thing I can't figure out is why I worked for this guy for two years.

I agree with Kay Peaslee and others in town that it is sad to see what The Observer has become.

And as Peyton promises breathlessly every week in his woefully composed attempts at editorial column writing, "We're going to be bigger– and better!"

Can we all wait for that day?

More three-week-old news, fluff pieces ad nauseam, business ads disguised as stories and... Amanda Greene columns.

Oh boy.

But I digress.

Thanks again to The Hook, and keep up the good work.


Chris Graham