Slicing the facts: Can Georgetown's meat be beat?

Georgetown claims its meat is the leanest on the market. Pound for pound, both Georgetown ground beef and bison really are lower in fat and calories than any other ground beef on the shelf.

"They rival chicken breast," says Rita Smith, registered dietician for Martha Jefferson Hospital. "In fat content," she says, "they're an extremely good choice."

But despite Georgetown's impressive numbers revealed on the labels, red meat is not Smith's top pick for protein.

"What you don't get is the benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids," Smith explains, a key element found in fish. Those acids, she says, actually protect against heart disease and cancer, a claim even the best cuts of red meat can't make.

True, perhaps. But when the craving for a juicy burger strikes, somehow scales and gills aren't the first things that come to most minds.

Here's how Georgetown stacks up against other ground beef:

Serving size.... Calories... fat.....sat. fat......price/lb



Georgetown Silver Beef 4oz. 150 6g 3g $3.59 at Rebecca's

Georgetown Buffalo 4oz. 150 5g 2.5g $5.79 at Rebecca's; 4.99 at Kroger

Laura's Lean 4oz. 160 9g 4g $3.79 at Kroger

Sirloin 4oz 253 15g 6g $2.99 at Kroger

Ground Beef 4oz 360 28g Not labeled $1.89 at Kroger