Timely thanks

It's a pleasure to find a local publication which gives information regarding movies, where they 're playing, and the times the films are shown.

As a person who works in the hospitality industry and one who strives to give the tourist precise, accurate, and timely information, I am pleased you have given us a choice in such local news reporting.

It is a pleasure to find that someone recognized that the best way to give the public the information about movies is to list the theater and the features it is showing and the feature times. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, just common sense and a willingness to give the public the best in service.

Thank you, Hook. You know the art of journalism. We wish you luck in your endeavors. Sometimes it takes the new guy on the block to show the old guy how to do things right. Competition is good for the public. We will certainly use your paper for all our local needs.

Norm Lindway
Inn at Monticello