The week in review

Worst jail outbreak: Scabies, which had male Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail inmates quarantined for several weeks after the under-skin burrowing mites were brought into the jail in early July, reports Adrienne Schwisow in the Daily Progress.

Best quote by an irate juvenile court judge: One of the teens convicted of four felonies in the attacks on UVA students is back in court July 30 for violating his house arrest. When the 18-year-old and his mother ask to leave the state for a vacation, Judge Susan Whitlock snaps, "This is not a vacation" and denies the request. Schwisow has the story.

Worst time of year for a strike: The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 50 turns down Dominion Virginia Power's contract offer and takes to the picket line outside Dominion on Hydraulic Road in the blistering August heat.

Worst graphics at a protest: Anti-abortion protesters with a "Face the Truth" tour use five-foot pictures of bloody fetuses to illustrate their message that "Planned Parenthood is wicked" and has "an anti-Christian agenda that destroys Christ," according to a Sarah Bouchard article in the Progress.

Most eventful police ride-along for a city councilor: Rob Schilling is cruising with Officer Douglas Brooks early August 3 when Brooks is stabbed in the arm while trying to break up a fight between two women in the parking lot at Max nightclub, reports Elizabeth Nelson for the Progress.

Worst association with Teen Night at Max Nightclub: DJ Thomas Beazley, 45, is arrested for sexually assaulting a couple of minors 13 or under. WINA reports police fear there may be other victims.

Worst volume of gunshots on a weekend night: Police say incidents of gunfire at Chi-Chi's on Seminole Trail, Mel's Café on West Main, and the Waffle House on Fifth Street early on August 3 may be related.

Best suggestion by a former governor studying government waste: Doug Wilder recommends privatizing state-owned liquor stores.

Worst news for felons who have served their time and want to vote: Delegate Rob Bell does not support automatic restoration of voting rights for felons, according to WINA.

Best perp walks of the week: Former WorldCom chief financial officer Scott "Beachfront Mansion" Sullivan and controller David Myers are handcuffed and arrested in New York.

Worst beach experience: The body of Dillwyn resident Richard P. Scharer Jr. was found floating in Hatteras Inlet August 5. Scharer's Ford Explorer was 20 feet from shore under10 feet of water, and police don't know how Scharer or his SUV ended up in the Inlet, the Virginian-Pilot reports.

Best news for warehoused oldsters: The Jefferson Area Board for Aging plans to create a homier atmosphere at Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet by allowing pets and vegetable gardens and by building a new kitchen for cookie baking, Claudia Pinto reports in the Progress.

Worst enticement for 15-minutes-of-fame-crazed UVA students: MTV will be filming "I Bet You Will," the show that pays people cash to do disgusting stunts, here September 9-10.

Best question that gave us pause: Why isn't there more in The Hook about the really hip guys in town like Chris Hlad and Matthew Farrell?

Best accessory for a would-be chick magnet: Impresario/Racists of Farmville band member Chris Hlad cruises the Downtown Mall August 2 carrying white roses.

Best display of style over comfort: Matthew Farrell, in a summer-weight jacket and tie, looks cool in the swelter of 90-degree plus afternoon heat at his usual perch outside the Mudhouse.

Best photo of a Hook  account executive/Prowl contributor in the Progress : Damani Harrison performs with his band, Chocolate Workshop, at the Outback Lodge.

Best photo of a Hook  contributor's tattoo: captures James Graham hoisting his kilt to display an Abraham Lincoln tattoo on his thigh. George Loper, continuing to upload the best party publicity, posts photos of former Progress reporter Jake Mooney's Charlottesville swan song.