Tobin E. and Erin K. Rodriguez to Nicholas P. and Christine M. Reppucci, 400 Oak Street, 125,000.


Joseph and Nancy W. Curry to Nancy W. Curry, 918 Henry Avenue, pursuant to separation agreement.


 Doris J. Hall to Michael J. and Suzanne E. Michaels, 813 Bolling Avenue, $99,900.


Thomas and Kathryn R. Sommerkamp to Wylie R. and Elizabeth Ann Cooke, 718 Shamrock Road, $165,500.


Carl E. Hollar Jr., Trustee, to William T. Atwood, 704 Park Street, $290,000.


Nancy M. Flowers to John R. Diven, 214 18th Street NE, $75,000.


Ampy Smith to Franz R. Richey, 211 Fifth Street NW, $170,000.


 Lois M. Stahl to Gayle S. and Tyler A. Lux, unit in Charlottesville Towers Condominium at 511 N. First Street, $82,500.


Michael W. Baird to Scott M. and Anne H. Wein, 761 Lexington Avenue, $245,000.


Elise K. Schleifer to Michael W. Baird, 2250 Brandywine Drive, $220,000.


Bernice M. Trainum to Robert L. Boucheron, 745 Park Street, $193,000.


Patrick T. Scharf and Abbey J. Fischman to Dell Upton, 1637 Oxford Road, $408,000.

Susan P. Critzer to Craig S. Burton, 905 Rives Street, $120,000.



 Thomas W. and Marianna S. Keithley to Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority, 1.219 acres on Earlysville Road (State Route 743), $156,000.


Woodbriar Associates Ltd. and United Land Company of America Inc. to Douglas P. and Kate J. Evans, 4725 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $161,505.


James R. and Virginia D. Hahn to James R. Hahn, 3.002 acres in Windrift, pursuant to separation agreement.


Dofflemyer Development LLC to Kenneth L. and Anne Marie Harrison, 1.69 acres in Earlysville Heights, $52,000.


Canterbury Building Company to Stanley S. and Jennifer K. Watkins, 1007 Stonewood Drive, $219,000.


Skyline Home Builders LLC to Curt and Niloofar A. Crowder, 6.12 acres at 4185 Luxor Terrace Drive, $441,042.


Southern Property LLC to Michael and Ana Maria Kahaleh, 1284 Chatham Ridge, $243,500.


Katherine L. Dunn to Donnie R. Dunn, 5.03 acres in White Hall district, pursuant to separation agreement.


Edward B. Wetherill to Paul and Julia Given, three parcels three miles from Batesville consisting of 161.3 acres, $260,000.


 H. Flint Engleman II to Today's Property Management LLC, parcel in Garden Court on State Route 743 (Hydraulic Road), $129,000.


S. Christopher Stanton to Daniel P. Allan, 924 Prescelly Place, Stonehenge, $107,000.


Craig A. and Gwendolyn Fantino to Craig A. Fantino, parcel on State Route 63 (Rio Road), gift.


Graven W. Craig, Trustee to Fernando O. and Martha C. Otal, townhouse in Four Seasons, $89,950.


Charles W. Hurt and Shirley L. Fisher to Price Young LLC, 1.438 acres on State Route 1115 (Broadway Street), $260,000.


Donald C. Kearney to Jefferson M. Catlett and C. Douglas Branch, lot in Dove's Nest, $30,000.


Michael Roberts and Irene A. Tostanoski to John P. Walker, 2469 Cascades Drive, Free Union, $750,000.


William F. Gray Jr. to Dorothy D. Herring, 1196 Partridge Lane, Branchlands, $177,100.


Lisa A. Frazier to James D. East, 1220 Clifden Greene, River Run, $100,000.


Robert J. and Joilyn S. Schneller to Michael Roberts and Irene A. Tostanoski, 3669 Graemont Drive, Earlysville, $415,500.


Lance O. and Jill L. Strain to Cheryl H. Jones, 960 Earlysville Forest Road, $157,000.


James Spence, Trustee, to GGB Corporation, 21.55 acres on Plains Drive, $200,000.


Ja Zan LLC to Charles A. Sansur, condo unit at Turtle Creek, $80,000.




 Cook and Jacobs Inc. to Grant Avenue Development Inc., two parcels at U.S. 250 and Meadowbrook Road, $600,000.