Published July 18, 2002 in issue #24 of The Hook


Address: 772 Ridge Street

Seen in The Hook : 2/7/02

Asking: $125,900

Contract price: $125,400

Days on market: 7

Agents: Seller's: Rob Wilson, Roy Wheeler Realty Company; Buyer's: Kim Armstrong, Real Estate III

Published 7/18/02 in Issue #24 of the Hook





 Debra P. Ross to Robert B. Toplin and Karin L. Bendel, 110 Birdwood Court, $130,700.

Ten Market LLC to Carter-Gilmer House Partnership, at Tenth Street Extended and East Market Street, $700,000.

HP Fix-Up Properties LP to Gary A. Howie, 1621 Grove Street, no price given.


 Matthew J. and Kathryn G. Gerber to Katherine A. Lamb, 2217 Greenbrier Drive, $207,000.

Harriet Rae Morrison to Brenda D. Carter, 116 Hartman's Mill Road, $103,000.

Gold Key Realty Corp. to Dorothy T. Jackson, 422 Ninth Street NW, $40,000.

Catherine S. Peterson to Jason H. Riller, 405 Spring Street, $73,500.

Gordon F. Bailey III and Lynn P. Bailey to Jonathan D. Haidt and Jayne K. Riew, 608 Lexington Avenue, $291,500.


Laurence B. Minor to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 227 Rosser Avenue, $107,000.

Westwood Associates LC to Mark A. and Doris H. Ritchey, 100 Hartford Court, $106,580.

Rosewood Manor LLC to Hospice of the Piedmont Inc, 501 Park Street, $677,000.

Kent W. Peterson to Michael Kaufman and Leslie J. Kaufman, 901 Preston Avenue, Suite 402-3, $143,750.

Nancy R. Olson to David O. and Augustine I. Okonkwo, condominium unit at 408 East Market Street, $350,000.


Douglas R. Shier to Ingrid C. Thomson, 612 Beechwood Drive, $174,000.

Jeanie M. Thompson to Whitehall Investors V, LLC, condominium unit in The Venable, 312 13th Street NW, $31,000.

James R. and Gladys M. Kennedy to Whitehall Investors V, LLC, condominium unit in The Venable, 312 13th Street NW, $44,500.

McMullen C. and Frances M. Bridgewater Jr. to Mary Elizabeth Jensen and Keith Cheely, 1345 Chesapeake Street, $115,000.

Barbara H. Lindsay to Patricia A. G. Page, condominium unit at 500 Court Square, $75,000.

David B. and Lois Scott Kannensohn to Carolyn A. Villas, condominium unit at 500 Court Square, $165,000.



Loraine R. Blackburn to Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Authority, 2.10 acres on State Route 643, $201,250.

John P. and Mildred Bartley to James B. Spence, Trustee of Ajax Land Trust, parcel in Western Ridge subdivision, $44,200.

Harold R. Freeman to Wilbert A. Spencer, 2.70 acres in Scottsville district, $20,000.

Harold R. Freeman to Melissa Mae Fitz and Stanley Lee Willis, one acre in Scottsville district, $36,490.

James P. and Kerry D. Gates to Greenwood Country Store LLC, .55 acres at the intersection of State Routes 90 and 691, gift.


Alan P. Alfano, Trustee, to Alan P. and Catherine M. Alfano and Carl L. and Ruth J. Knauer, parcel in Forest Lakes, $202,100.

Howard E. Coleman and Susan S. Hakala to Eugene R. Rushton IV, 2.656 acres on State Route 621, 1 Wolftrap Road, $149,900.

Chadwick J. Webb to Virginia B., Ashley B., and Arthur F. Edwards Sr., unit in Turtle Creek Condominiums, $83,500.

Albert and Pamela L. Carter to Barton J. and Elizabeth J. Hansen, Trustees, 7.07 acres fronting on State Route 691, $295,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Carlos Miguel and Melissa M. Otoya, 2036 Vista View Lane, Western Ridge, $288,252.

Grant Gamble to Philip G. Wendel, 1.697 acres on Mill Run Lane, Earlysville, $250,000.

Mehdi Akbarzadeh and Korba M. Ershadi to Daniel H. Link, 1542 Minor Ridge Court, $136,500.

Deal of the Week:

May 15: Rosewood Manor LLC to Hospice of the Piedmont Inc, 501 Park Street, $677,000.