Letters on the Rivanna Trail controversy


I enthusiastically nominate Shirley Presley for this year's coveted "Mine! Mine! Mine! Award for Vigilant Possessiveness." [July 4 cover story: "Trail Nix](http://www.readthehook.com/92238/cover-story-trail-nix-rivanna-neighbor-...)

I hope that Ms. Presley derives as much solitary pleasure from the path sliver of her property as thousands of people and dogs have in the past. Ms. Presley is completely within her property rights and is the ultimate authority about what bothers her.

Still, I find it hard to understand why she is so upset by the orderly hikers and happy dogs I have encountered in my own trespasses on the trail bit of her fiefdom.

Hamlin A. Caldwell Jr.

How would you like it?

I found your article "Trail Nix" [Cover Story, July 4, 2002] (http://www.readthehook.com/92238/cover-story-trail-nix-rivanna-neighbor-...) to be very alarming. Is the Rivanna Trails Foundation saying, when they decide to put a "trail" on someone's property, that they are ignorant of the fact they have to get permission? When do you not need permission?

We have worked hard to earn money to buy our home and land, and if we choose not to have it trampled on by insensitive trespassers, that is indeed a landowner's right.

Madame Californian wants to question that right! Well, the last time I checked, we are a free country! What part of "No Trespassing" do you not understand?

I found your picture of Mrs. Presley's waterside property in poor taste. It appears you were trespassing to take the picture! When you encounter a No Trespassing sign, please turn around and leave. Do not "climb the overgrown embankment toward the houses on Bland Circle."

I have known several of the residents on Bland Circle all my life and admire their determination to protect their property! Would any of us want strangers walking on our land? If the answer is yes, make a trail around your land and invite all the transient trespassers over. Otherwise, stay clear of the homeowners who do not like the invasion of their once tranquil life.

Helen J. Forbes