Bridalwood Trail, Keswick
Seen in The Hook : 3/14/02
Asking: $325,000
Contract price: $320,000
Days on market: 60
Agency: Listing agent: Jim Dickerson of Re/Max Assured Properties * 466-4663 Buyer's agent: Laney Kaminer, Remax Realty Specialists

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Charles J. Pawl and Mildred L. Strmic to Charles C. and Theresa I. Hallock, Trustees, parcel on Jefferson Park Avenue, $305,000.

Paula R. Taylor to Fred Powell Jr., 123 N. Baker St., $134,500.

Raymond Friedman to Veliky, LC, parcel in Greenbrier, $169,900.


Steven F. Tapscott to Curtis G. and Charlotte I. Thacker, 1009 Forest Hills Avenue, $109,200.

Westwood Associates LC to Mathew C. and April M. Nissen, 102 Hartford Court, $101,600.

Joseph T. and Lindsay T. Milby and John D. and Hillary T. Horn to Theodore Cocoran and Elizabeth A. Sargent, 936 Hemlock Lane, $140,000.


David A. and Doris J. Dollins to Carolyn D. Wicker and Barbara Null, 1515 Rosa Terrace, $69,900.

Christine M. Lamb to Carolyn D. Wicker and Barbara Null, 1513 Rosa Terrace, $69,900.

Islamic Society of Central Virginia to North American Islamic Trust Inc., three lots on Pine Street, gift.

American Diabetes Association to Beverley F. Drumm and Edward J. Garrett, 718 Altavista Avenue, $145,100.

Charles F. Moon to Jeffrey W. Clatterbuck, 782 Prospect Avenue, $55,000.

408 Park Street LLC to NB Properties LLC, 408 Park Street, $715,000.

Charles Loving and David Phillips, conservators, to Telisa L. Alston, 231 Fourth Street SW, $20,000.

Fred S. Landess, Trustee, to R.E. Main Jr., Trustee, parcel on Henry Avenue and parcel on Albemarle Street, $247,500.


William A. and Garnette V. Sullivan to City of Charlottesville, 2,380 square feet on Hartman's Mill Road, $2,500.

Alan W. Lingham and Mabel E. Porter to Hugh J. and Lucinda M. Ewing, 1107 Wellford Street, $232,650.


Andrew M. Schulman to Loren K. Nelson, 518 Moseley Drive, $100,000.

Ijaz A. and Rehana Kahn to Bradford C. Bennett and Michele A. Ryan, 2517 Hillwood Place, $245,000.

George W. and Norma J. Lively to Bejanmin R. Srigley, 1285 Jackson Drive, $65,000.


Robert W. and Betty Sue H. Camper to Robert W. Camper, 1962 Lewis Mountain Road, pursuant to separation agreement.


Janice V. Binford to Trio Properties LLC, parcel at Grady and 10-l/2 Street, $70,000.

Kellytown LLC to R.L. Beyer Construction Company, eight lots in Madison Place PAD, $365,000.

Kellytown LLC to Rae Development Corporation, two lots in Madison Place PUD, $150,000.


Thomas L. Burgess to Terence P. Woodsome and Mari Ines Arroyo, 917 Avon Street, $112,000.

Herbert F. and Elizabeth R. Tucker to Paul C. and Joan S. Liebrecht, 2012 Lewis Mountain Road, $375,000.



Janice M. and Rayborn Woodson to Jeffrey J. Lysiak and Jennifer L. Kirby, 8636 Brookville Road, $135,000.

Charles W. and Melissa N. Johnson to Terrence E. and Barbara Funke, 21 acres, $190,000.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley L. Fisher, Trustees, to Richard G. and Peggy W. Cater, 1.419 acres north of Stony Point Road near Free Bridge, $349,400.


Larry J. McElwain and Herb Beskin, Substitute Trustees, to Eric S. and Christine C. Schrank, 1345 Hammocks Gap Road, $161,000.

Hunter E. Craig Company to Barry Meade Homes LLC, ten lots in Foxcroft, $590,000.

Hazel D. Arizmendi to Mount Armour LLC, 2.005 acres west of State Route 758, $15,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Springridge, $78,000.

Larry J. McElwain and Herbert Beskin, Substitute Trustees, to Southern Home Builders of Virginia, lot in Glenmore, $721,300.

Jeffrey W. and Heidi L. Thomas to Charles C. and Kerri C. Heilman, lot in Peacock Hill, $60,500.

Karl B. and Susan I. Gass to Carl E. Hollar Jr., Trustee, unit in Branchlands, $136,000.

Hinko J. and Dianne F. Martin to Jacqualin J. Davies, Trustee, 20 acres on State Route 683, $640,000.

Happy Valley LLC to Gaffney homes LLC, 1.445 acres in Walnut Hills subdivision, $90,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Lee J. and Helena M. Brady, 329 Shepherd's Ridge Circle, $250,900.


R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Robert W. and Susanne S. Sigman, 3464 Darby Road, $632,000.

B. Eliot Singer to Alain D. Maynadier, Trustee, lot in Chatham Woods, $189,900.

Edelmyra Balagtas to Richard Jennings, 2472 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $90,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes, parcel in Forest Lakes South, $81,013.

Thomas B. Ayers to Edwin J. and Priscilla J. Shuler, unit in Worth Crossing Townhouse, $129,500.

Deloris F. Bradshaw to John Anthony and Mary P. Winter, 1015 Deer Run Drive, Earlysville, $188,000.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to Gina M. Martin, 3771 Ashleigh Way Road, Barboursville, $302,000.


Samuel B. Wells to Martin G. and Laura D. Shifflett, 4.586 acres on State Route 609, $125,000.

Hunter E. Craig Co. to Swift Run Inc., parcel in Foxcroft, $59,000.

John M. and Gladys I. Wyse to Jim P. and Sione R. Wade, parcel in Earlysville Forest, $170,000.

John S. and Pamela L. Wiegman to David A. Yoder, 1978 Towne Lane, $136,000.

Jacqualin J. Davies, Trustee to Terry L. and Patricia M. Tereskerz, 5.01 acres on State Route 683, $120,000.

Shirley M. McConnell to Mary W. Watkins, 400 Ivy Farm Drive, $400,000.

Commonwealth of Virginia to Louise C. Wright, et al., Trustees of Faith Temple Nondenominational Church, .109 acres, $250.

Redfields Development to Craig Enterprises Inc., parcel in Redfields, $57,500.

Richard E. and Cynthia E. Carroll to Lee and Cindy Crosby, parcel in Signal Hill Subdivision, $50,000.

A.M. Nichols, Trustee to Mgr Development Co t/a European Homes of Albemarle, parcel in Fontana, $68,750.