Did you buy limning options?

I'm 14 pages into The Hook's current issue [June 27, 2002] (http://www.readthehook.com/issues/0121) and have read, at least four times in three different pieces, the word "limn."

Yes, it's a nice word. Yes, it serves linguistically. But, c'mon... I doubt that I'd found it three times previously in my 40 years of reading (everything from the Bible to Dickens to Jonathan Livingston Seagull). Does someone there have an obsession with their "Word of the Day" calendar?

But, thanks... it will come in handy during Scrabble and Word Whomp.

Who knows? If you persist in limning the word "limn," perhaps clubs and organizations will spring up, for and against the repetitive use of somewhat obscure verbiage.

Or perhaps it's a plot of some sort. Hook staff members invested in "limn" when it was obscure, then overuse it, selling out before Hook (which I just limned) is caught, fraught in its obviousness.

Can't wait for the catch-word for next week.

Gare Galbraith