FOOD- TABLETALK- Oodles of Noodles Guy

FOOD- TABLETALK- Oodles of Noodles Guy

Issue #21 of The Hook; published 06/20/02



Name: John Haywood

Restaurant: OXO

Position: Owner/Chef

Age: 32

Favorite Noodle? Ramen Noodles

Do you remember how old you were when you learned to ride a bike? No, but I remember when I was 7, falling down the stairs and cracking my head on the spindle of my bike. It was 1976.

Whole milk, fat free, or soy milk? Fat free

DVD or VHS? Neither. But if I watch TV I watch the Speed Network or the Outdoor Life Network (I'll be watching the Tour de France July 6 ­ 20).

Grocery store of choice? Whole Foods

Favorite hobby? Hanging out with Nicholas, my son, at the pool.