Issue #21 of The Hook; published 06/27/02

Correction on shoes

 4 Better or Worse screwed up in its 5/9/02 mention of a fire that destroyed a home near Camp Holiday Trails. Fire victim Janet Pond does not own Danskos. The Hook regrets the error.


Correction on Socrates

 Also, in last week's Think feature we incorrectly listed meeting times for the Socrates CafĂ© at Barnes and Noble. The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.


Clarification on cover story

Regarding an assertion in the May 9 edition of The Hook [Cover story, "Labor of love"] William Edwards, father of Brian Edwards, says he was a good and attentive father who accepted his son's disability and who participated actively in his son's upbringing as much as his ex-wife would allow.