Local woman may have thwarted hideous crime

A Charlottesville-area woman may be counting her blessings after what sounds like a horrifying incident that allegedly began at her home and ended at a scenic overlook in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. According to a story by the Watauga Democrat, the unidentified 42-year-old said she'd been abducted June 23 by a young, gun-toting, sunglass-wearing, short and thin man who proceeded to force her to make the cross-state journey in her burgundy Honda Odyssey minivan. The woman was uninjured, though the Charlottesville Newsplex reports that the woman, who allegedly resides on Buck Island Road, was found "unresponsive" in the minivan. At least one official seems, in a quoted comment, to undermine the woman's story. The FBI is reportedly investigating.


no, this did not happen the way she told it. hope at least a little bit of the truth comes out...

From the report at the Watuga Democrat it does sound as if there is some doubt, but I do hope we will soon get some clarification.

Yeah right, that really happened. An alien abduction story or ambien sleep walking/driving story would be more believable.

Excellent story! Except I couldn't find the part that was trumpeted by the headline where she "thwarted" the crime. By the way...."Blowing Rock"??? Sounds like some good times to be had there!

I would love to see The Hook investigate the story about the so called "abduction". This woman obviously is not telling the truth. There are just too many holes in the story.

Has anyone contacted her employer Charlottesville Health and Rehab to see what there take on this was? After all this all happened on a day that the state survey team was in the building. Humm coincidence???

Hey looking for truth, what in the wide, wide world of sports does her employer have to do with this? Sounds to me like you have an issue with C'ville Health and Rehab. She claims to have been abducted, not assaulted at work.

Okay lady, time to tell the truth. Did the guy on the side decide to take you on a joyride?? Oh and I think looking for the truth is refering to the fact that this all took place the same day the state department was at her job doing an investigation.

I know this lady and this does not surprise me that she would come up with this story to get out of the state investigation going on that day at her job.