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Whatever happened?
Did you ever wonder if The Main Street Arena is making money or if more geese will be killed around the airport? And what about The Jefferson School? This week, the Hook checks in on past stories to bring you up-to-date answers on whatever happened.

Shape up
Pink hearts, yellow moons, green clovers, and asphalt diamonds? For drivers navigating traffic at Zion Crossroads, an unusual diamond-shaped interchange may really be the lucky charm.

Fun in Fontana
Pantops is good enough for Martha Jefferson Hospital– is it good enough for you? In immaculate condition and with plenty of space, buyers looking for long-term value might find a gem in this Fontana colonial.

Older and better?
There's a common– and perhaps correct– perception that older job applicants are at a disadvantage when it comes to snagging the position. Penelope Trunk looked to her own mother and learned that when it comes to hiring, oldies can be goodies.

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