Love triangle? Murder-for-hire certified to grand jury

The woman accused of seeking a hitman to kill her late husband's girlfriend has waived her preliminary hearing, so her solicitation-to-commit murder charge goes to the grand jury. Linda Faye Currier McDaniel, 62, had also been charged with solicitation to commit arson, but that charge was dropped during the June 23 hearing in Albemarle General District Court.

McDaniel was arrested April 17 in the alleged murder-for-hire plot and was later released on bail.

The plot came to light when a man acquainted with both the alleged intended killer and her alleged intended victim notified the latter that he been approached to make the hit.

The arrest came just about a week after the April 11 death of Jessie Edward McDaniel, 62, to whom Mrs. McDaniel wrote that she was married for 32 years in the guest book of Mr. McDaniel's obituary. The obituary itself, however, omits any mention of Mrs. McDaniel and instead describes as "the love of his life" Joyce Broderick, the alleged intended victim.

The man who may serve as state's key witness is William "Billy" Marshall, according to Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Jon Zug. Marshall was approached by Mrs. McDaniel with an offer to kill Broderick and burn down her mobile home on McCauley Court. No fire was ever set, according to Zug, who noted that the witness is in jail on an unrelated matter.

Broderick and McDaniel sat on opposite sides of the courtroom during the brief hearing, and both declined to comment afterwards.

The murder solicitation charge goes to the grand jury August 1.


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