Travel tricks
So you wanna go to California or Costa Rica this summer? You might find that just getting to your plane takes as much time as you'll spend in the air. The Hook's editor offers tips on how to make the most of public transportation and get where you're going fast– and cheap.

Craig's credits
By now, most people have heard about Biscuit Run and the millions in tax credits unleashed by the developer's alleged donation to the state. Did Hunter Craig, the brain behind the Biscuit, pull off a similar deal with Martha Jefferson Hospital?

Salatin stars again
He pops up in the best-selling book The Omnivore's Dilemma and appears in the hit documentary Food, Inc. Now, the nation's most ubiquitous and outspoken proponent of local farming gets another chance to convert people to raw milk and grass-fed cows in Farmageddon: The Unseen War on America's Small Family Farms. Is his message getting through?

Wrong resignation
Congressman Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal hogged primetime airwaves and had his colleagues demanding his resignation. Was what he did really so bad? Ted Rall picks apart the hypocrisy of his critics and suggests Wiener's biggest mistake wasn't hitting "send."