Cynthia Neff takes on Boyd for supe seat

Democrat Cynthia Neff, a retired IBM executive, announced her plans to challenge incumbent Kenneth Boyd for the Rivanna District seat on the Albermarle County Board of Supervisors.

"What has been going on [within the board] is appalling, and it is not okay," said Neff at her announcement on Tuesday.

Neff, who was trounced in a 2009 run against Delegate Rob Bell for the 58th District seat, cited the controversial last minute Western Bypass vote by Lindsay Dorrier at the June 8 Board of Supervisors meeting as an example of the lack of continuity between board members and the community.

"Someone needs to stand up for the citizens," she said. "Have we had enough of Ken Boyd yet?"


thank you

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Neff when she ran for Supervisor in 2009. She is a thoughtful and intelligent woman with a big heart, and I hope we are lucky to have her on the Board of Supervisors after this Election Day.

Hooray! Time to get rid of Paranoid Boyd and his Tea Party friends.

Neff complains about Dorrier, a Democrat, and then blames Boyd. Neff is another tax and spend liberal like Rooker and Mallek.

Yes definitely had enuf of Boyd, thanks for asking. All he's done is add more development and traffic and pollution on 29. Need act of god to get him to listen on what we want. Clean house, amen. Neff will bring good perspective and preserve quality of life that is why we live here.

Wake up R.T.! Everybody knows Boyd and Thomas are pulling the strings on Dorrier. If Cynthia lived in Scottsville, maybe she'd run against Lindsay. But she's in Boyd's district, so she's running against Kenny. Duh.

Hallelujah! Time to bring intelligence back into local governance and eliminate the sneaky behind-the-scenes operations we have witnessed recently. No matter where you stand on specific issues, TRANSPARENCY is the only thing that keeps our democracy intact and protects us from authoritarian "we know better than the people" kind of rule.

"......authoritarian "we know better than the people" kind of rule"?

You mean the kind that got Obamacare passed with bribes, kickbacks, secret deals, no input from Republicans (who belong in the "back of the bus" according to Dear Leader) or the public at large? Thousands of pages in the bill the public couldn't see and which weren't even read by virtually all who voted for it? You have the nerve to say yet another libtard Dem who supported the Obamacare monstrosity and programs like it which will bankrupt this country, will put an end to "authoritarian "we know better than the people" kind of rule"?

You have got to be joking.

Anybody who uses the phrase "Dear Leader" in an attempt to malign the duly elected President of the United States as some sort of communist immediately loses all credibility.

Teatards are funny.

Realist, the joke is you for bringing in a bunch of issues that have nothing to do with this LOCAL election. It's a shame you are only capable of seeing things in stereotype black and white...but that's your problem, not mine. (When in the heck did "Obamacare" enter a discussion about Ms. Neff's candidacy?)

Meanwhile, for those of you who are able to speak without rehearsed soundbites out of the same ol' playbook (yawn) and would like to have an intelligent discussion about what promises to be an interesting campaign & election, let's continue!

caroline I notice that all of your postings are written as if you feel the only way to get your opinion out is to try and belittle anyone you are responding to, I believe there is a name for that condition you may want to get some help, I hope you don’t parent or teach you pupils in that same manner.

I am just tired of the rehearsed responses to anything "Non-Republican." It's like a push-button doll where it hears the word "Democrat" and immediately responds with a recording of the word "Obamacare." I think we can do better in elevating the level of our discussion and I'm sorry -- if someone jumps that far off topic I am going to point it out. If my way of saying it is not warm and fuzzy, oh well. You can move onto the next post. :-)

"Jack M and his lemmings need to go one after the other off a cliff that would help sustain the rest of us that use common sense." - C'ville Delight, June 7, 2011

Of course...this wouldn't be belittling in any way, riiiight?

Glass houses, throwing stones and all that jazz, C'ville D. ;-)

Ooh. Burn.

apples and oranges

Aww, poor baby can't admit he does the same thing. Grow up.

Game, set, match.

Not my proudest moments here, Chuck, I admit it. I'm just really incensed by what has happened with our local "leadership." And quite saddened, honestly. I think Mr. Dorrier was put in a horrible position and I don't think people are going to forget it anytime soon, regardless of how the bypass turns out.

Boyd has been manipulating Dorrier to years! That's a well-known fact!

Boyd does have a track record of sneaking around and kissing developers' boots. Remember all the secret NGIC meetings. Stay tuned for Wood's latest request to expand the Growth Area.

Problem with ALL our local politicians is that they kowtow to developers and other local interest groups and don't consider what's best for the majority of us who live here.

It's just a bad case of Good Ole Boys gone wild.

The "boys" have run the show long enough.

3 bartowski's and 1 threaded base CFL

"Neff is another tax and spend liberal like Rooker and Mallek."

As opposed to borrow and spend Republicans, who think everyone else should give them a free ride?

That cute little phrase is old, out of date, and frankly dishonest. The only ones I see trying to live within a budget these days are Democrats.

"no input from Republicans"

The complete lie the realist has been convinced to echo just keeps echoing. The Republicans were allowed to have input, and the bill has many examples of it. What Obama made clear is that they had better have some different input than the previous eight years, in which they did nothing, except subsidize giant pharma at the taxpayers expense.

"no input from Republicans"

3 Caesonia and 1 threaded base CFL

@cville delight:

What was that you were JUST saying about people who can only express an opinion by belittling those with whom they disagree?

Pot/kettle, ass-hat?

The Ken Boyd mindset is not much different from that of the judges in the Salem witch trials. This time around, the witch is "sustainability," which is interpreted in the narrow mind to be forced on the local citizenry by an outside international "agenda." Fear ensues. Other judges are swayed. Despite the outcries from the MAJORITY of the sensible public, hysteria prevails.

Folks, you can call it anything you want, but in 1692 -- and in 2011 -- paranoia is paranoia.

Let your voice be heard in November that we are not going to surrender to this time-consuming, distracting nonsense.

Cynthia Neff also appears locally-produced interview program Politics Matters with host Jan Paynter: