IRS yanking: Over 150 non-profits lose tax status

This year, you probably won't get a tax deduction for donating to the Bologna Foundation. That local charity, along with the IBM Club, the Save the Fireworks Foundation, Charlottesville Lesbian-Feminists, and Santa Matters– over 150 between the city and county– have lost their non-profit tax status, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

In a national move, the IRS announced June 9 that approximately 275,000 organizations lost such status for allegedly failing to file the requisite annual reports for three consecutive years. A 2006 law allows the IRS to automatically delete such companies from the rolls.

"The IRS believes the vast majority of these organizations are defunct," reads a statement from the IRS.

Loss of tax-exempt status can trigger a wide range of outcomes including property and corporate income taxes, as well as lessening the attraction for donors who are accustomed to earning deductions for gifts.

In making the announcement, the IRS also announced special steps to help any existing-but-deleted organizations apply for reinstatement. Such well-known Charlottesville-based groups as Trout Unlimited, Camp Albemarle, and the Toaster Museum– none of which had a representative immediately available for comment– might want to get a hold of those procedures.

But there may be errors in the IRS records.

"This is all strange," says Brian Gallagher, longtime president of the Central Virginia Beekeepers Association, which also finds its name on the list. "We have never had tax-exempt status."

Charlottesville and Albemarle groups that lost tax-exempt status:

Charlottesville Light Opera Company, P.O. Box 5798 22905
The Friends of Extraordinary People, P.O. Box 9038-186, 22906
Charlottesville Wizards Inc of 1613-B Ricky Road
Mine Victims Fund, 977 Seminole Trail Suite 226
ACLU Post-conviction Assistance, no address given
Virginia Folklore Society, 219 Bryant Hall at UVA
Christian Legal Society, 408 E. Market Street #107

and many more available online (here):

Charlottesville Lesbian-Feminists Inc., P.O. Box 3290, 22903
Civic League of Charlottesville, 801 East Jefferson Street
Jefferson Sabres ROTC, UVA
Camp Albemarle Inc., Room 11 Post Office Building
Business and Professional Womens, no address given
Charlottesville Womans Club, 1621 Bruce Avenue
Welcome Wagon of Charlottesville, Route 2, Box 238
Charlottesville Albemarle Council, P.O. Box 4902, 22905
Charlottesville Cat Club Inc., 2303 Wakefield Road
Circle K International Inc., Newcomb Hall, UVA
The Charlottesville Club, P.O. Box 535, 22902
Charlottesville Downtown Foundation, P.O. Box 2472, 22902
Charlottesville Police Officers Emergency Relief Fund, P.O. Box 1032, 22902
National Women Law Students Association, 2424 Arlington Blvd #H4
Charlottesville Pride, P.O. Box 3382, 22903
Sigma Gamma Tau National Honor Society, Thornton Hall at UVA
Remecare Foundation, 4404 Ivy Commons
Helping Hands Home, 500 Ridge Street #4
Youth House, 1446 Ballard Drive, Crozet
Virginia Film Foundation, P.O. Box 1003, Crozet
IBM Club of Charlottesville, 2200 Old Ivy Road
Ridge and Valley Soaring Club Inc.,1525 University Avenue
Charlottesville 33, Disabled American Veterans Auxillary, Crozet
Top of the Line Social Club, 805 Rose Hill Drive
Village Resource Center, P.O. Box 407
Earth Systems Inc., 508 Dale Avenue
Piedmont Legal Services, 617 W. Main Street
Spectrum Theatre, P.O. Box 630, 22902
The Brothers United Celebrating, P.O. Box 400624, 22904
Acoustic Muse, 587 Pebblecreek Court
National Parental Alienation Foundation, P.O. Box 8048, 22906
Entrepreneurial Village, 210 Ridge-McIntire #500
MBA Tech Connection Inc., P.O. Box 5769, 22905
Virginia Jewish Heritage Program, P.O. Box 400539, 22904
Charlottesville VA Orchid Society, Route 4, Box 174
Whispering Oaks Inc., 5742 St. George Ave., Crozet
Dove Center Foundation Inc., 1947 Thomson Road
Vital Housing Project Inc., 3774 Bleak House Road
Society for Counter-Ordnance, 104 Reynard Drive
Central Virginia Pioneer Club, 3002 Longbranch Farm
Keegan Institute, 250 W. Main St. #310
Lewis Chitengwa Foundation Inc., P.O. Box 5365, 22905
Arts Center Inc., P.O. Box 1864, 22903
Humayun Khan Foundation Inc., 500 David Road
Arti Foundation Inc., 905 Claudius Court, Crozet
Southeast Asia Security Resource, 1006 Glenwood Station Lane
Wesley Thelmbrecht Rubinstein, 430 Foxdale Lane
Rhythm on the River, P.O. Box 93, Keene
Disaster & Poverty Relief Organization, 4000 Tompkins Drive
Kids Acting Out, 25 West Lawn
Marine Corps League Central Virginia, 114 Buckingham Circle
Community Attention Home, P.O. Box 155, 22902
ESL Day Camp of the Blue Ridge, 2622 Free Union Road
Blue Ridge Prison Project, 7958 Batesville Road
Save the Fireworks Foundation, 550 Hillsdale Drive
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, 467 Martin Kings Rd.
American Postal Workers Accident Benefit Association, P.O. Box 6274, 22906
Virginia Artificial Kidney, 418 E. Water Street
Central Virginia Project, 1908 Lewis Mountain Road
Sparkworkshop Incorporated, 2420 Barracks Place #3
Virginia Cultural Laureate Society, 620 Stagecoach Road
The Royal Coachmen Ltd, 113 Georgetown Green
Virginia Basketball Club, 106-B E. Main Street
Trout Unlimited, 384 Minor Ridge Road
Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc., 52 Woodlake Drive
Cancer Research Initiative Foundation, 1562 Burchs Creek Road
Public Education Fund, P.O. Box 175, 22902
Dance Committee, 1815 Jefferson Park Ave. #10
Africa Solutions Inc., 28 Georgetown Green
Dynasty Social Club, 315 5th Street SW
Charlottesville RC Inc., 629 Berkmar Circle
Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, 1043 Highlands Drive
Lafayette Institute, 1243 Cedars Court #B24
Air Force Space Operations, 1545 Thomas Jefferson Parkway
International Institute for ???, 1917 Greenbrier Drive
Afro-American Historical and Geneological Society, P.O. Box 7492, 22902
The William T. Coppage Foundation, 1424 Darley Row
Bologna Corporation, P.O. Box 4229, 22905
Tomorrow's Promise, P.O. Box 11, Batesville
The Helen Moorehead Laurencin MD, 580 Milford Road
Central Virginia Aquatics Club, 4055 Copperfield Ridge
Ace Mentor Program of America Inc., 210 Carlton Road
Virginia Rehabilitation Counselors, 1311 Carlton Ave.
Santa Matters Inc., 675 Peter Jefferson Parkway #190
American Society for Chartered Life, P.O. Box 5144, 22905
Transatlantic Brides & Parents, 2352 Ravenswood Court
Austro Health and Environmental, 901 E. Jefferson Street
Toaster Museum Foundation Inc., 201 E. Main #B
Charlottesville MABL Inc., 2065 Whispering Woods Drive
Genentech Foundation for Growth, 1224 W. Main Street
Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers Inc, P.O. Box 1694, 22902
American-Soviet Youth Forum, 1439 Westwood Road
Virginia Association for ???, P.O. Box 3758, 22903
The National Jazz Hall of Fame, 421 Park Street
Virginia Collegiate Media Inc., P.O. Box 709, 22902
Virginia Deaf Brethren, P.O. Box 843, 22902
Isaak Walton League of America, P.O. Box 293, 22902
Charlottesville Fathering Initiative, 1635 Bruce Avenue
Phi Sigma Kappa, 1702 Gordon Avenue
American Greek Community of Charlottesville, 100 Perry Drive
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Chapter 583, 2635 Barracks #D
Anette Tucker Yowell Scholarship, 1936 Arlingotn Blvd. #200
Roger Pattrell Bristol Trust, 1704 Concord Drive
Greenwood Community Center Inc., Greenwood
Virginia Concrete Masonry Association, P.O. Box 1547, 22902
Consolidated Credit Unions of Virginia, 3300 Berkmar Drive
Albemarle Associates Inc., 606 Lexington Avenue
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Inc. Alpha Mu Chapter, 517 Rugby Road
Thomas Jefferson Center Foundation, P.O. Box 3191, 22903
Virginia Licensed Practical Nurse, 321 Monte Vista Ave.
Search-A Discussion Fellowship, 134 Bollingwood Road
Public Interest Law Center, 170 Rugby Road
American Business Womens, 907 Marshall Street
Charlottesville Albemarle Council, P.O. Box 4902, 22902
The Bereshis Foundation, 724 Madison Ave. #C
Leslie Hughes Walton Educational, 1000 Rio Road East
Epsilon Mu Alumni Corporation, 110 Harvest Drive
Criterion Associates, 2012 Lewis Mountain Road
Central Virginia Beekeepers Association, Ivy
African-American Peoples Party, 2253 Commonwealth Drive #C
Free Star Foundation, P.O. Box 5821, 22905
James N. Bailey Foundation, 141 Ednam Drive
Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists, 100 E. South St. #5
Alpha Xi Delta Building Corporation, 1830 Jefferson Park Ave. #22
Charlottesville Albemarle Recycle, P.O. Box 1036, 22902
Blue Ridge Chapter Psychiatric, 1545 Old Oaks Drive
Community Shares of the Thomas, 413 7th Street
Chihamba of Dancescape, 1318 Gristmill Drive
Jefferson Area Gymnastics Association, 2327 Seminole Lane
Institute for East-West Studies Inc., P.O. Box 5582, 22905
Beardley Environmental Foundation, P.O. Box 288, 22936
Soundstage Inc., 2305 Commonwealth Drive
Emmaus with Child, P.O. Box 5729, 22905
Friends of American Indians, 1226 Smith Street #D
I Can-We Can Foundation, P.O. Box 4564, 22905
Together Ministries Inc., 305 Crestfield Court
Virginia Advocate Inc., P.O. Box 626, 22902
Community Eyecare Services Inc., 419 Riverside Ave.
Center for Ethics in Capital Markets, P.O. Box 1845, 22903
Outyouth of the Blue Ridge, 1795 Franklin Drive
All Night Long Inc., P.O. Box 1526, 22905
Opera Society, 1602 Keith Valley Road #A
Independent Inventors Foundation, 699 Chapel Hill Road
Mid-Atlantic Vipassana Network Inc., 2633 Jefferson Park Circle
Southeast Asia Security Resource, 1006 Glenwood Station Lane


International Institute for ??? at 1917 Greenbrier Drive (a residential address).

Sounds legit.

They left off The Human Fund.