Beyer announces bid for City Council

Paul Beyer of R.L Beyer Custom Homebuilders announced his run for Charlottesville City Council on Wednesday, June 8. Beyer, 29, who grew up in Charlottesville, hopes to give a youthful perspective on issues such as job creation and sustainability.

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Who? Conflict of interest a possibility.


Not just conflict of interest, but redundancy. That is, considering what very good friends Dave Norris is with Southern Development front man Charlie Armstrong -- chairman of the Mayor's Housing Advisory Committee (despite residing in Albemarle County) and proposed addition to the City Housing Authority's preferred builder list -- the development community is more than well represented on City Council already.


In February, when Southern Development's Charlie Armstrong and Pinnacle Construction's William Park pressed a new and radically disimproved William Taylor Plaza for the Ridge-Cherry site -- a plan conceived as a bailout for SD, which no longer has means or market for a project approved in 2009 and wants to flip the land package (which includes two City-owned parcels) to Park -- Paul Beyer spoke on behalf of SD. And after trying hard to persuade other Councilors to his position, Dave Norris voted on behalf of SD despite the plan having been rejected as "inferior" by Planning Commission. (Of course, only Kristen Szakos joined Norris in the vote, so the inferior plan was not approved.)