Library wanker gets off on Alford plea

The man accused of publicly masturbating in Clemons Library, Anthony Daniel Landram, pled guilty to charges of obscene sexual display at the Albemarle General District Court June 7. The defendant took an Alford plea, acknowledging that the prosecutor had enough evidence to convict him without technically admitting guilt.

University police arrested 28 year-old Landram on April 21 after two UVA students and a library employee found him masturbating to pornography on a laptop on the fourth floor of Clemons Library. Judge William Barkley sentenced Landram to a 90-day suspended sentence pending two years good behavior. Landram is prohibited from further contact with UVA, excepting legitimate medical need.


Did they say Anthony Weiner? Both have that same "you looking at me" look.

Very good Carlos "Gets Off" in the "Head"line

I can hardly wait until somebody says, "What? No jail time?"

I don't have a problem with the outcome of this trial.

If people think the guy who reached up a girl's skirt and sexually assaulted her shouldn't serve any jail time, why should this guy?

Frankly, going through this whole experience and having his photo all over the news is probably punishment enough.

True. And stop calling me Frankly! :)

Gasbag Self Ordained Expert Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

Is this a trick question?

You obviously know the answer is yes. Naked women too.

So, go ahead and slap me with the punch line.

Gasbag Self Ordained Expert The Movie Airplane strike a bell?

Gasbag, tell your ol man to drag Walton an Lanier up n down da court for 48 min

First off, taking an Alford Plea, is not "getting off" as you so eloquently put it. My understanding if you get off for commiting a crime, you are not convicted and do not receive punishment, i.e a "sentence". It will still be on his record and he has a "90-day suspended sentence pending two years good behavior" (which he deserves). This is just another inaccurate hack job, just to cram some sexual innuendo into a headline. How can you keep letting this crap pass for news?

That's a sweet headline.

There are never fewer than two dozen students of both sexes "sexting" at the library at any given time. This is known and permitted. This fellow was arrested because of the way he looks. It was obvious what he was doing for over an hour, but until a female student walked over to "check him out" and saw his face, his behavior was allowed.

OK- what is wrong with what he is accused of doing? The Weiner evidently has done it in the "Library" of Congress?

Actually, "the weiner" has evidently performed this act on himself as well as the citizens (not illegal alien citizens) of this nation for far too long..................

I am sure every law maker would welcome the opportunity to legalize what this person was accused of doing so that they would be able to "carry out the will of the People".

Hey, quit making fun of The Weiner Man....for Dems, it's a resume builder.

Yeah, "Weinergate" was obviously a Dem scandal because he was sending the pics to women....

It wasn't a scandal until he lied about it...........her certainly is contributing to the pornification of the youth of this Country, and that is not part of his job description.