Kluge draperies go on the block

The latest auction of lavish goods once owned by Patricia Kluge takes place without the fanfare of last year's two-day Sotheby's sale. On Saturday, June 11, her David Easton-designed draperies from Albemarle House are among 104 lots that will put on the block at an Alexandria-based firm called Potomack House.

The items were seized by Farm Credit, which lent Kluge $35 million and recouped only $7.3 million when selling her winery, which was acquired by Donald Trump in April.

Among lots 255-359 in the wide-ranging sale are Kluge's African art collection, which did not attract bidders at the Sotheby's sale last year, the fiberglass classical sculptures that lined the home's garden wing, and four shotguns given to Kluge by the King of Spain.

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WOW, because EVERYONE wants some ugly @$$ draperies in their house! YAY!

And on the 10th anniversary of the Bush tax cuts no less. Now why did we impose those cuts?........

Why is this NEWS

And Yes They are Ugly . Looks like something out Rod Sterling's Night Gallery

The painting by the Russian artist, Gregorio Sciltian, is actually quite good, distinguished in composition and dramatically lit, reminiscent of the strong primary colors and lighting techniques that El Greco once employed. It evinces benevolence regarding Mr Kluge with the subtle lighting on his face. As for Mrs. Kluge, Mr. Sciltian is not so kind in his portrayal. He has clearly portrayed her as an idealized image verging on caricature, as a sort of anti-Madame X. Her portrayal reminds me a bit of the Hedda Gabler.

Retro_Zen Man You been living in C-Ville to long . ART GEEK? Na ! RICH GUY ? Yes

Hey idontknowanythi, I didn't say I wanted to own the painting, only that I appreciated its craftsmanship. Perhaps my expectations were set so low, I was amazed to see any smidgen of artistic merit. But the idea of those two staring at me from a wall...oh no! At least with Mrs. Kluge, we know there isn't any sort of Dorian Gray aspect to the painting.

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Scarlett O'Hara knew what to do with those portieres- get with it, Pat!

If she didnt have such horrible taste in decor...uugghh!

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